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  1. Fundraiser for a memorial garden

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Please support our fundraiser. The estate has been on the market for 3 years and is priced below market value. Because the home is so unusual and has such a large yard, it still has not sold. Please watch this awesome video done by the Real Estate agent. If you can see our vision for a...
  2. I started a new Paranormal Research group!

    General Halloween
    Ghost hunting is one of my favorite things. I finally decided to start my own group because i always see so many frauds out there and it ruins it for the people who actually do it for real. (I checked the Rules and I think Im allowed to post this, if not ill delete it) I started a gofundme so I...
  3. New member

    Member Introduction
    I run Phoenix Asylum with my friend and family we donate all our money to a local person with cancer.
  4. Helping Haunters in need

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey gang, If you're a fan of Halloween, you've most likely heard of the Davis Graveyard. Well, the Davis graveyard crew has hit a rough patch and they're in need of our help. I couldn't do much on my own, but I thought that if I could start a GoFundMe campaign, we (haunters) could raise some...
  5. ALS ice bucket challenge

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Last year was a devastating year for my family. August 10th 2013 my cousin John Anderson passed away from ALS. His father also died from this horrible disease. My cousin declined faster than any of his doctors and nurses have ever seen with ALS. Usually you have 3-5 years and some have lived...
  6. Looking for HELP.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    First off, I'm new at this so sorry if this is sloppy. If anyone has suggestions for me please let me know. I have spent the last 4 out of 5 years donating my time at a world renowned haunted house ,in Salt Lake City Utah, that is until they shut their doors in 2007, disappointing over 250...