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  1. $3 Styrofoam skull transformed into a creepy clown head ($5 to $12 total)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Once upon a time, at a Dollarama far far away, there was a $$3 Styrofoam skull waiting on the racks, lost amidst dozens of other 20" Styrofoam skulls. Bob knew he was barely passable, and he was desperate to be so, so much more. Lucky for Bob, I saw his potental and bought him, because I am...
  2. Static: Old basketball still has life

    Halloween Props
    This year I am pulling double duty I got my regular haunted house for the 31st but a treat this year my sister is celebrating her birthday and asked me for help decorating as she puts it I am a freak and who better to help decorate. For weeks and weeks have been looking at this old nasty worn...
  3. Easy Halloween DIY

    Dollar Store Tray "How To" Here.... http://www.craftyincrosby.com/2012/10/spooky-potion-bottles-and-dollar-store.html
  4. Static: My Newest Prisoner/Pet

    Halloween Props
    I'd been wanting to make one of those dead fairies from dollar store mini skeletons for awhile. I couldn't get the teeny tiny ones, but I got this one that's about 1' tall. So I mummified it with glue and tissue, painted and and glazed it, added some silk leaves and flowers, and re conned a...
  5. Costume Contest Trophies

    Objective: Inexpensive and unique. There are so many great ideas I found on Pinterest and Google but I wanted to come up with something more my own. Supplies: Acrylic and spray paint, LOTS of hot glue and Dollar Store/ thrift store finds. 1. Dollar Store Barbie bust, 2. Dollar Store...
  6. DIY Chandelier

    Every year I head back to Ohio to spend Halloween with my Sister and the rest of the family. The sister puts on a pretty big party and I usually contribute a few DIY decorations to help offset the party costs (not really - I can't even make a dent. Her parties are pretty big). Here is one of...