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  1. Does anyone "dress up" their Crazy Bonez skeleton dogs in their displays?

    General Halloween
    I'm not sure how I feel about dressing up real dogs in halloween costumes, not sure they really like having stuff on them and kind of feel sorry for them if they don't, but when it comes to the skeleton dogs don't think these dogs will mind. Can't say I've ever seen anyone do this for their...
  2. New in town

    Member Introduction
    Hi, my name is Miepie and i live in The Netherlands. Me and my husband have now kids, we have instead:D 3 dogs. This is the first year for us that we do something with halloween, horror. We have a chalet on a campingside and there we want whole year round horror things. We have a place next to...
  3. Recording technology

    Member Introduction
    I like to decorate my front yard so that adults and older kids are entertained, but little kids aren't traumatized. Last year I had a bazillion pumpkins everywhere, as well as two suburban skeleton guys in lawn chairs with a fire pit. It was a surprisingly big hit, with people posing for...
  4. Unsolved Mysteries devil worship episode?

    Horror Discussion
    Anyone remember an episode where two guys are watching tv and hear a noise, so they go outside and in the woods. It goes to a cabin and shows people in hoods and dogs. I can't find it anywhere.
  5. New from UK

    Member Introduction
    Hi all I stumbled across this site when I was thinking about stuff to do for Halloween 2017! I got married on 27th October 2016 - A Halloween-ish themed wedding and it was the bestest! Our wedding cake was Pumpkin Spice sponge. I adore all vintage Halloween picture and looooove Pumpkins...
  6. CrazyBonez dog ideas

    General Halloween
    I just picked up a CrazyBonez dog today (now my third) and think since they have so many different versions I was wondering how everyone was planning on using theirs in your haunt displays. Thought we could share ideas since the dogs are so plentiful now. When I did my haunted hotel theme, I...
  7. Static: Corpsed dog from Costco

    Halloween Props
    I got 4 of the little dog skeletons from Costco plus one I have from Kmart last year. My plan is to corpsify all of them and do something like the dogs from Resident Evil. I did the one with out led lights for eyes first to experiment and get ideas from. I still have a bit of touching up to...
  8. All Howls Evening - Halloween Fundraiser 10/24/15

    Announcements / Press Releases
    For those of you skipping having your party this year or you want as much Halloween as possible.... and you live in IL or IN...... why not join us at the All Howls Evening Halloween Fundraiser in Tinley Park, IL. October 24 2015, 6:00 PM - October 24 2015, 11:00 PM · American Legion Post 615...
  9. Prop Showcase: Got my Grandin Road catalog today and they have bigger bone dogs!

    Halloween Props
    But a bigger price to go with them too! http://www.grandinroad.com/spike-the-skeleton-dog/halloween-haven/shop-all-halloween/809846
  10. Mechanical: Motorized Hot dog stand

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made a hot dog stand that rotates the hot dogs? I want to make some kind of see through box on a stand with prongs turning small Dachshund Dogs inside for my Circus prop this year. I can't afford to buy a real hotdog stand, so is there a cheaper way to do this and also make it...
  11. Grandin Road - 25% off, plus FREE shipping!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    For those if us who missed the 50% off sale - the coupon code for 25% off plus free shipping is XXW56324. It's good through the 16th. I splurged and bought the 20 foot tall inflatable black cat. For some reason, the TOTers in my hood really LOVE the inflatables. The dogs, on the other hand...
  12. Static: My pug marked my tombstone

    Halloween Props
    I put a coat of grey paint on several tombstones and then left them to dry in the garage. I came out later to find that my pug, while on a trip through the garage, decided to leave his dirty-pawed mark in the drying paint. Now the kids want me to turn this tombstone into a monument for a dog...
  13. Trick-or-Treat my ride

    General Halloween
    Sooooo... We just bought a new car. I was totally bummed to sell my Jeep Liberty. I need the 4WD in the winter and I could throw my dogs in the back and head to the dog park. I like my new Sonata BUT no 4WD and I'm not throwing my dogs in a brand new sedan. Hubby knew I was having a hard time so...
  14. HELP ! Dogs destroy outside decorations

    General Halloween
    Last year I didn't decorate at all due to the fact that we live where there are from 5 to 10 dogs that tear everything up.All year I have junk in my yard from them tearing up other neighbors yards. What I would like to know is if anyone has ideas for props that the dogs can not get to or are...
  15. Halloween Dog Costumes ? :)

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I made a top 3 of the best halloween costume with my own dogs =) obviously it was just for fun, its only cute. Are you gonna dress up your dog for halloween? And if so what costume? any picture? :) Mly xxx Hit me up im new! Twitter : @zymilie
  16. Dogs

    Has anyone ever tried to make a devil dog like this one or even a Hell Dog from COD for their Halloween display. I was thinking about making one out of PVC pipe and a black fur coat