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  1. He came, he came!

    Halloween Props
    Sorta of like the minions on despicable me .. Bee do bee doo bee doo ... yes, I still have a lot of five year old in me. :D My skeleton dog is here .. I also got my mammoth funkin! It is huge .. Way bigger than I thought .. it's awesome. It's going to make one huge freaky scarecrow! Yay ...
  2. Static: skeleton dog needs a dish

    Halloween Props
    Here is a water dish for the skeleton dog.
  3. Static: Plastic Corpsing a Dog Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone done this? I haven't seen it yet. Last week I bought one of those little dog skeletons at Ross. No idea what I was going to do with him and he's been sitting here beside my desk since I brought him home. The quality isn't as good as say Grandin Road's. But it was less than ten...
  4. Youtube Mutant Giant Spider Dog!

    General Halloween
    I want to make this costume for my Dog now and have him run around the yard on Halloween! :D
  5. Mechanical: Graveyard Dog Animated prop for 2014

    Halloween Props
    Here is a look at my latest Halloween prop for this year the Graveyard Dog. I was originally just going to set a shaking pair of eyes in the dog house, those ones you put in the bushes, but luckily my wife challenged me to do something more so this is what I came up with.
  6. Weeds

    I wrote this story in the spring of 2011, and it was published in The Barker's Voice. Sadly, it is no longer available through the archive, and therefore, I am reposting it for your enjoyment here. A few things before you read: 1) I wrote this story from a prompt. 2) I specifically decided to...
  7. My newest "pet" needs a name!

    General Halloween
    I just picked this guy up today. Cute, huh? He needs a name though, anyone have any ideas? If I can't come up with something better I'll probably just call him Zed. He kinda reminds me of a canine version of the Cheshire cat from American McGee's Alice.
  8. Static: Wanted: Ideas to "spooky" up a doghouse for a zombie/cemetery display

    Halloween Props
    Saw the new zombie dog prop at BuyCostumes and had to get it. It appears to be sort of small, so my idea is to place it in front of a doghouse and try to make the doghouse look super spooky. I have this doghouse from a yard sale ready to convert. I was thinking of carving out a bone shaped...
  9. Papercraft Zombie dog and Zombie grizzly - Papercrafts

    Halloween Crafts
    These are the first two papercrafts that my close friend, Chris Drummonds and I have been collaborating on.They're paper pet zombies. :) We love zombies and animals... so it was easy to want to combine the two. - I created preproduction sketches and colored the template. - Chris engineered the...
  10. Pneumatic: How do you connect cylinders/rigs to foam filled props?

    Halloween Props
    I bought a foam filled attack dog (well, front half of a dog anyway) from Fright Props and I'm looking for suggestions on how to attach it to a cylinder. I want the dog to thrust forward via pneumatic cylinder, but I'm unsure how to fasten the cylinder to the foam prop. Any suggestions?
  11. Other: Looking for an Evil, Scary, Full Size Dog Head Prop or Puppet for DogHouse Scare

    Halloween Props
    I've been trying to find a good looking dog prop to launch out horizontally on a pneumatic cylinder out of a dog house. I bought an Evil Dog mask, but it's more suited for a vertical mount because its a mask designed to be worn. So I think what I need is a Dog prop or puppet for the...
  12. Looking for Vicious Dog(s)

    Halloween Music
    Im in search for a good realistic sound file that sounds like angry dog(s) barking growling and attacking. I want to find this so i can play it from within my garage. Then have "blood" streaming down the driveway since it does slope slightly.
  13. The Lion Man & Reverse Dog Speech

    Halloween Music
    Sorry about that here's the fixed links: Reverse Dog -http://www.zshare.net/audio/67501588cc7630f5/ The Lion Man-http://www.zshare.net/audio/67501647b6cc8021/ Enjoy!
  14. Other: When dogs attack props

    Halloween Props
    Yup, it happened to me. Take a look.
  15. Nyc taxi dog costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi guys. Im from Ny and have a adorable Bichon . My mother and I decided that this year my dog would dress up as a NYC yellow cab. We are entered in a Petco pet photo contest online. We would really appreciate it if you guys could vote for him. Thanks, Jackie:)