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  1. Pneumatic: air cylinder stroke

    Halloween Props
    What is the recommended stroke length for the following props electric chair, rocking chair and a lunging dog haven't decided which one yet maybe all three.
  2. Electronic/Software: my barking dog skeleton is home !

    Halloween Props
    Visited our Home Depot today for some monstermud ingredients and they were setting up the halloween products. So we picked up some LED eye skeletons for $40, and a skeleton dog that barks and a skeleton cat that meows.....each $20. Will post this video, hope it works correctly cuz these...
  3. zombie dog make-up

    Hi everyone, I have been a lurker for a few years. I am looking for ideas to turn my Rottweiler into a zombie dog. Going to start playing around with gelatin for dead skin...I want to use only non toxic make up incase she eats anything. Thank you!
  4. Static: Skeleton props: Spirit of Halloween-Walmart-HD-Grandin Roads

    Halloween Props
    Here's the most recent breakdown of skel costs: Home Depot Animated-Skeleton-Dog-with-Light-and-Sound- $24.98-18x7.25x11--best buy Skeleton-Cat-with-Leash-with-Light-and-Sound- $19.98-20x5x14 Walmart vulture skele--$12.97-11.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 spider skele--$6.10-8" long scorpian skele-$6.49-9"...
  5. Boney bunch for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sold: Bonsey the dog, bride and groom with cake I will accept PayPal confirmed address only. I haven't had time to look up the names with listing prices so I will take best offers. Shipping: I am an excellent packer and I will only ship uses via priority mail. I will refund you the shipping...
  6. Skeleton Dog at Costco

    General Halloween
    Hello all! The other day my wife and I were at Costco and I happened to see a skeleton dog for sale at Costco! It looks like a bull dog and has red LED eyes. "Why don't you post a picture?" I can hear you saying it right now. Well, I did take a picture but right after that we upgraded our...
  7. Static: Corpsed dog from Costco

    Halloween Props
    I got 4 of the little dog skeletons from Costco plus one I have from Kmart last year. My plan is to corpsify all of them and do something like the dogs from Resident Evil. I did the one with out led lights for eyes first to experiment and get ideas from. I still have a bit of touching up to...
  8. Hello Everyone!

    Member Introduction
    I have been coming to this forum for a while now and decided to finally join! :) I am a Halloween-o-holic and run a page on Facebook that is mainly about this wonderful holiday :D Halloween ties in very nicely with my other 'hobbies' of collecting funerary items, post mortem photos and other...
  9. Woodcraft Zero Themed - Dog Gate

    Halloween Crafts
    I needed to make a new gate for the stairs for our dog. Here are a few progress pictures. Starting Engraving Rough engraving Sanded and Stained Hardware prepared, Edges banded
  10. Demon Dog from Costco

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Demon Dog I picked up this skeleton dog at Costco for $16.99. This cute little puppy caught my eye at Costco It was love at first site The price was right and I thought it would make a great addition as a watch dog for my yard cemetery decorations. This is just a very quick and...
  11. Mechanical: Motorized Hot dog stand

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made a hot dog stand that rotates the hot dogs? I want to make some kind of see through box on a stand with prongs turning small Dachshund Dogs inside for my Circus prop this year. I can't afford to buy a real hotdog stand, so is there a cheaper way to do this and also make it...
  12. popping in to say hi and an update on life

    Off-Topic Stuff
    my usual friends probably wont see this (LOL!) but thought id stop in to say hi. Been a crazy year and only half done. Friends may remember my grandmother passed this past fall. As of last week, my family and I have moved in (to my childhood home) to care for my grandfather, whose health is...
  13. A Poem written in a library

    Literature and Role-Playing
    What Angel? His Dog was old(but not that "Old") His time was near, we had been told. He would smile when you called his name a large Dog with Hip Cancer was half lame Part German Shepard, he was a good-hearted Dog Who loved to run and chase through woods and Bog The Vet was late to bring Mr...
  14. Three days in a row skellie dog has been in a new pose. LOL

    General Halloween
    It's our neighbors to the side, they are just having fun :D They are being pretty smart to avoid the trail camera too .. Which is how I know it's them. ;) They watch our house while we are gone and no one else knows about it. First day skellie dog, was being bad and had his leg lifted on the...
  15. Static: skeleton dog + hedge shaker = wow!

    Halloween Props
    We got the Grandin Road skeleton dog this year and paired it with an Animated Hex in our graveyard scene (a boy and his dog - LOL). My husband had a last-minute idea to add a hedge shaker inside the dog's ribcage, and the effect is great! We removed the eyes from the hedge shaker and used the...
  16. How I made a fierce Lunging Dog prop out of the gentle motorized reindeer decoration!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Next year will be my 10th year haunting and hanging out on the forums, and this is my first tutorial. It's not so much an exact step-by-step of what you should do but, rather, how I approached this prop. I do a great job of copying others work, and not so much creating my own, so your mileage...
  17. Prop Showcase: Lunging Dog from a motorized reindeer

    Halloween Props
    This year I finally got around to building this prop. I'm gonna try to post a how-to within the next couple of days. The setting is in a 'security office' at the end of our asylum haunt. There are two other major scares in the room.
  18. Static: Bad dog

    Halloween Props
    I have a very bad dog that will be peeing on his owners leg this halloween night.
  19. Devil dog bendy

    Wanted to Buy
    Anyone have one? And the others in this pic.
  20. Distortions Unlimited Dead Dog Prop

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey Everyone! I am on the hunt for the oh so controversial Distortions Unlimited Dead Dragging Dog Prop. It has proven to be quite a mission to locate one that is up for sale! Which is why I figured I would ask everyone here! Thank you, Zach:D