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  1. 2013 Annual All Together Dead "Monster Ball" Event

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Starting a link to showcase our event. I already posted the first two new props for this year earlier. You can see the mummy and the first candelabra photos HERE Starting working on Frank this weekend, photos to come a little later.. ended up tearing him all back apart and will start again...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: Holographic Projection

    Halloween Props
    Here's a technique I've used for several decades in a number of applications that I've never seen anyone talk about for Halloween but is a natural - holographic projection. It's possible, and fairly easy, to project full 3D solid-appearing full parallax images into space without any screens...
  3. DIY Bloody Hand Towel?

    Hey guys, I found a place where I can order a bloody hand towel but it costs close to $30 for shipping, and honestly, I don't think it's worth that amount of money. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for making a white hand towel look bloody with handprints? What type of paint? Should I dilute...
  4. DIY Chandelier

    Every year I head back to Ohio to spend Halloween with my Sister and the rest of the family. The sister puts on a pretty big party and I usually contribute a few DIY decorations to help offset the party costs (not really - I can't even make a dent. Her parties are pretty big). Here is one of...
  5. Iron-Ons for DIY Pregnant Skeleton Maternity Shirt

    For Sale By Merchants
    Deleted...design is now out of stock! =(
  6. Hi!

    Member Introduction
    Hi! I'm a Halloween fanatic and have been throwing pretty crazy parties for the past few years, but this is the first year that I am going to attempt to make more than basic decorations, as opposed to buying everything from party stores. I was hoping some of you might have some good ideas for...
  7. Other Dryer vent pumpkins

    Halloween Crafts
    I saw these on a blog, and thought it was such a cute idea! Simple and easy to make, too. From this: To this: Pretty neat, huh?? I'm going to try making some for this year :) Here is the link to the tutorial...
  8. need help!!

    hello everyone im 13 year old boy and every year i turn hostel into a halloween party for my friends in my class... and its pretty big so if you know some easy DIY halloween props that i can do please give me a tutorial and even better if its out of houshold materials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
  9. How-To tips

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey guys! Check out this episode of Hauntventures for some helpful DIY tips and tricks. Here we added some more detail to the distortions prop Creepy Cathy. Thanks for watching and be sure to give your feedback or post your own projects. We would love to see them!
  10. I'm new & THRILLED!

    Member Introduction
    Hey ghouls and goblins! I'm a 22 year old Halloween-Fanatic lady from the east coast. I was SO glad to come across a true halloween forum like this. The members seem so nice & helpful so I had to join! Another reason I joined, is well-as most of us probably are- I'm on a TIGHT budget this year...
  11. {Tutorial} Mummy Head on a Platter

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have a craft home/DIY blog and posted about this last year on our blog. It was all the rage on our blog and at our Halloween party last year. I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please don't hesitate to email me questions. *My Version $18* *Inspiration picture from Grandin Road* The...
  12. Electronic/Software: Roll Your Own Enttec Open DMX USB Interface

    Halloween Props
    Hello Boils and Ghouls! Check out my page here on how to make your own Enttec Open DMX USB Interface for less $$ or maybe even FREE like I did. I have tested this with Vixen and the BOC Configuration Program. I would expect it to work with VSA as well. I would be interested if anyone builds...
  13. The Mummy! 2010 Halloween Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello! New member here! I was just introduced to this forum from my good buddy Kevin. So, I thought I would post my slide show outlining the build process of Mummy costume. Enjoy! And thanks for having me. Great forum! First, we have a Flickr slide show that shows the construction. Halloween...
  14. Cheap gauze / Cheese cloth?

    Halloween Props
    Are there any good, inexpensive online suppliers for cheesecloth or gauze by the yard? I have heard people say that Walmart has gauze for $1 a yard, but not one near me, I guess. Is $1 a yard a good price for gauze? I'm pretty new at this, and I think I've already gone over budget for...
  15. Converting an ATX power supply

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    ***DISCLAIMER: This is a project with ELECTRICITY!! If you haven't worked with electrical devices before and are unsure of what you are doing, don't do this! You could get hurt. DO NOT work on your opened power supply with it plugged in!!!!*** Now before I even start on this, I'm going to say...
  16. Guide to creating your own sound effects

    Halloween Props
    Just came across this, hopefully it hasn't already been posted. The guide to sound effects
  17. Halloween's Home

    Hey - I just found some cool tutorials and recipes over at Lowe's. lowescreativeideas.com/Halloween The Popcorn balls look particularly delicious! Not too bad for a home improvement store.
  18. Project: DIY Werewolf Mounted Head

    Very cool! Unfortunately I don't think I would sleep knowing this thing was on my wall...Anyway, here's the website for the instructions.. http://www.instructables.com/id/Halloween_decor_werewolf_head/ Hey-- let me know if you end up making it! Mounted Werewolf Head Update: This is the...