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  1. Not all posts or new threads show up all the time

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I just noticed today after making a post in the General Discussion area and making a new thread under the Coupons Discount area that neither one of them was visible from within the HF section if I wasn't signed on. There was also another thread someone started under the Coupons Discount area...
  2. How do you store your Halloween stuff?

    General Halloween
    I thought this might be an interesting discussion and may help some people out. I have two "storage decks" (as I call them), the shed, a loft in the garage and just this year started hanging stuff on the fence. Here are some pictures. Maybe include some of your pictures so we can see...
  3. 2015 Christmas Fan Club Prop Contest has begun

    Off-Topic Stuff
    As many of you know, Larry, our wonderful forum owner has a sister site to this one. It is Christmas Fan Club. Each spring we have a prop contest much like the one here. If you are a CFC member (or would like to be) we encourage you to PLEASE join in. The membership on CFC is much smaller and...