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  1. Halloween Props
    I have a few store bought animated props I was looking forward to setting out for my haunt on Halloween. Had a great plan and bought 2 new ones with the said plan in mind. However there is now a 50% chance of rain on Halloween night, and I need to cover at least a couple of them. Will covering...
  2. General Halloween
    Hi all! I bought a "spotlight" several years ago, but have never used it. I finally got my skeletons up into a tree in our front yard... and I thought it would be fun to shine a spotlight on them. So I put in a bulb, plugged it in... and it's really just a bare bulb. So it's super bright for...
  3. General Halloween
    Hey all. I have a question for those of you who have sizeable pillars for your graveyard gate/fencing. I saw a somewhat similar thread from a couple years ago regarding coffins, but I'm looking for more substantive solutions because I'm not setting up a week before Halloween to prevent the dead...
  4. Halloween Props
    Anyone have any experience with air cylinders and direct contact with rain water? I've been avoiding it especially with the rodless cylinders (they got pricey). I'm looking for someone to tell me it's OK or confirm my fear of using them in the rain. Mother Nature was cruel and gave me 10 years...
  5. General Halloween
    Hey Guys! So I'll be visiting LA, New York and San Fran in January from Australia and was wondering if anyone could direct me to some stores that would still have Halloween products? Thank in advance =)
  6. Wanted to Buy
    Can anyone spare two, 0.2A, 250V 20mm fuses? I can't find them on eBay, or Amazon, and mouser.com wants almost $4 each. ...or, please direct me to your favorite, inexpensive source. Thanks. Dr Doug
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! First time poster so please excuse if I do this wrong!! I seen this picture floating around Facebook and became obsessed with it!!! I've seen a few other people who do facades and was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks or could direct me to a tutorial! We live in a...
  8. Halloween Props
    This is new little find that I just got in the mail. He stands 8" tall and is 8" across with his wings open. Then I got an idea. Can he be animated to move his head from side to side and move his wings up and down ? OK fellow haunters, how about direct me to a site for this, if it can be done...
1-8 of 9 Results