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  1. Halloween Props
    I have several 48" tube black lights on my porch and when I went to turn them on this year they didn't seem to illuminate my "stuff" like I remember. I've had them for a few years so I was wondering if they dim over time or would they just burn out?
  2. Halloween Props
    What do people use for their lasers? I made a tunnel last year and used some crappy battery powered pointers, but we had to constantly switch them out because they would dim. Is there something out there that will run off an outlet, and will run for several hours without crapping out?
  3. General Halloween
    My friends: So I have multiple 12 volt low watt (10watt) halogen lights that feed back to a PDU. I would like to build or buy a device to dim all of them instead of individually. Has anyone heard of a device that does this? Thanks in advance. --THe HaLLoWeeN SNoB--
  4. For Sale By Merchants
    Minions Web has opened the pre-ordering of LED bulbs for the 2009 season. You can pre-order up until May 15th, with shipment expected approx 7/15 on our end. This year we have added to our lineup of 18 & 36 LED bulbs that many of you are already familiar with. We are now also offering 12, 50...
1-4 of 4 Results