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  1. Halloween Props
    I'm finally back to doing videos. Here's my version of the Grave Digger -
  2. Halloween Props
    If I were to make a scarecrow and choose to use a thick branch (e.g. 1.5") for the vertical pole of the cross, any tips on getting scarecrow to stand? I had the idea of inserting the branch into a couple foot section of 2" PVC. Then I would either build a base for the PVC (concrete block or...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    It my breaks my heart, but due to health issues and relocation, it is time for me to sell my vintage Halloween funeral hearse and skeleton horse. Handcrafted by a superior carpenter, the carriage comes apart for easy storage. The lights work! Skeleton horse makes a scary noise and eyes light up...
  4. General Halloween
    I apol0gize for the first post if the images don't show!! This is this years yard haunt me and my dad put together! We added lights to the trees! Made a skull chained fence!, Built a coffin for our ground breaker, lit the ghosts up blue and built a grave digger! Happy Halloween and I hope...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have the retired Spirit Halloween Grave Digger prop and it needs some repair. 2 issues: 1) The plastic piece that holds his head in place must have broke, and I can't find anything that will repair it (his head moves side to side and tilts, so can't glue) 2) His arm is supposed to...
  6. Halloween Props
    My Grave Digger animatronic prop is working well except for the lantern wont light. It may be just the bulb, but I can't figure out how to get at it. If The lantern has screws underneath it, but that only takes off the bottom piece, and the bulb is in above section. Suggestions?
  7. Wanted to Buy
    Hi, Added a new cemetery section to our display this year and would love to locate a new (or used) Grave Digger. Spencer had this prop on line and so did Spirit Halloween, also Amazon.com, but I am seeing "sold out" and "unavailable" at every turn. This prop was made by Tekky, and I believe...
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a working Grave Digger animatronic from Spirit Halloween
  9. Halloween Props
    This is the latest addition to our Pirate's Cove haunt.. our Rum Chuggin' Grave Digger. There have been a few different versions of this guy floating around, but we added our own special twist... he stands there guzzling rum from an endless bottle! LOL That's the build... here he is on final...
  10. Halloween Props
    Here is my grave digger. I can't remember who else posted it but credit goes to them. Only difference is that mine is for blacklight effect. http://youtu.be/wHM3uJEsNgs
  11. Halloween Props
    We finished up our Grave Digger prop, after adding a rum chugging feature, so he can stand there drinking his face off all night! Check him out!
  12. Halloween Props
    ACME Shiatsu Graveyard Digger Demo I am stoked! The postman just delivered my new ACME graveyard digger.........last one in stock too. In all seriousness. What do you think? It's obviously powered by a shiatsu massager. My son loves the idea and my daughter states it's just plain...
  13. Halloween Props
    I finished my grave digger using the wonderful head Bethene made and sent to me last year during one of the secret reapers. He is PVC, pool noodles, and blue tombstone foam for the waist and chest.
  14. Haunted Humor
    Because of my reputation of living Halloween 365, my neighbors kept coming over and asking who I was burying in my yard. No one wanted to believe I was just trying to fix a broken water main. So sorry to disappoint. Luckily I found the pipe at 4 feet. I didn't have the strength to dig any...
  15. Halloween Props
    My latest prop! An Animated Grave Digger! I got inspired by the haunted shovel prop and decided to take it a bit further. I still have a few things to button up on it.
1-16 of 17 Results