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  1. Static: Mid-evil devices

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made midevil torture devices? I have made stocks and a guillotine in the past. This year I need to rebuild them and wanted to a few other items to go along with these. If you have a pics or suggestions please post them.
  2. If you use Amazon devices, you should be aware of this news.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I know from people's comments on here that a number of you are using Amazon devices, like their tablets, etc., and thought you should be aware that they are no longer going to support encryption on them. Whether you feel you don't have anything on your device worth much to anyone else, if you...
  3. castle theme props wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone. looking for castle themed props, facade, torture devices. stockade, guillotine etc.
  4. looking for Midevil props

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello all, Looking for medieval props for our castle theme haunt. torture devices, anything from medieval times Thanks Joe
  5. Question about a neat wireless remote/ receiver set up from Home Dept. ($14.99)!

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! I picked up a fun toy today at Home Depot for $14.99, it is a Westek Wireless Remote and plug in receiver. It can be found here...