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  1. For Sale By Merchants
    Here´s my new shirt "Bone Picker" available on RebelsMarket: Store link: https://www.rebelsmarket.com/products/-bone-picker-men-shirt-black--142420?tuid=79c6d3b3beb3c38a6 Like all shirts in the store the silkscreen print is based of one of my draws. Highly manufactured by a professional...
  2. General Halloween
    here is where to put your DETAILED likes list for both Halloween and Christmas. The longer the list and the most details the better!!!
  3. Halloween Props
    This years addition to the yard, Cursed Pirates. You can to https://www.instructables.com/id/Cursed-Pirates/ to see more detailed images and information on how it was made. If you Like the post, please consider voting for me. Happy Halloween.
  4. General Halloween
    Here is where you post your likes and dislikes list,,, PLEASE PLEASE make it as detailed as you can, it will help you get gifts you really like!!!!
  5. General Halloween
    Grrrrr. So during past two weeks I had off - it was near 90 degrees every day with 300% humidity with no rain. Got little to nothing done. The storage room where I keep most of my props was an oven. Now the weekend is here with great temps- but rain rain rain! The remaining weekend will be...
  6. General Halloween
    like title says, PLEASE make it as detailed as possible, the more ideas you give, the easier it is for your reaper to find you the perfect gift!!!!
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    For those interested. . .I'm handy at making detailed wooden signs. . . Email me for details. . . Plus I love making them. . .each one is unique and I can make them appeared aged and cracked. . .I actually use a wood burning tool for most of it. . .
  8. Halloween Props
    Just received the pictures of us playing around before our community handed house opened up. Lights were on, candles off etc... The set up for the room was that a voodoo / witch doctor "pulls apart" a voodoo doll and the victim is actually pulled apart as well. Here is what I came up with...
  9. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling my Distortions Unlimited Frightronics line prop. It has been used one night and is in 10/10 condition. Purchased from: http://www.halloweenasylum.com/die-zombie-die-animated-prop.html Foam Filled, highly detailed, and heavy duty motor. $285 and I will pay shipping (lower 48 states)
1-9 of 9 Results