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  1. Halloween Props
    Ok, if demonica doesn't extend all the way her head sticks. Well I found that weight leaning too far forward, makes her not extend to full height. However I have tried wood under the front and moving the arms backhelps, but I still have trouble getting the exact weight differential correct...
  2. Halloween Props
    Has anyone had to fix their Demonica prop from Spirit. My girlfriend bought it for her son. He is really careful with all his props,, I reattached a belt on the bottom base but now she rises up and her head tilts one direction and she binds up. It seems like a sensor isn't telling her to...
  3. Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where i could buy one of "Demonica Zombie" babies? (Demonica Zombie as seen on the spiritofhalloween dot com site). i would post the link but i am getting an error. It looks like spiritofhalloween is out of stock...any suggestions greatly appreciated. it is for an artistic...
1-3 of 3 Results