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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey guys, I need some quick cash due to a family matter, and since I haven't built a haunt in 5 years or so, thought I'd toss up for sale some of the stuff I have left over. I'm willing to meet or deliver anywhere in the Tampa/St. Pete/ Plant City area Monday or Tuesday (I have to leave...
  2. General Halloween
    I am searching for a great Halloween video clip (or brief movie) about a spooky house. It started with you waiting at the door to deliver a pizza, as I recall it. Does anyone know where I can locate the clip? Greetings and happy horrors! All the best, Ralph
  3. Halloween Props
    I was cleaning out my gutters over the weekend and had a thought. Would it be possible to deliver chilled fog to a gutter system and have it spill out and fall to the ground? I envision a fog machine connected to a flex hose, to deliver the fog to the gutter, and then connecting to the...
1-3 of 3 Results