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  1. Halloween Props
    I have this large wraith with outstretched hands, and I was thinking of hooking up a motor to thrust a zombie baby out of its abdomen in and out. This would be my first foray into DIY motor props and I could use some guidance. Take a look at the 14:14 mark of this video...
  2. Halloween Props
    From my video description: Hanging fog cloud from a mixture of Froggy’s Freezin’ Fog and Walmart Fog Juice. Chauvet 901 670W Fog Machine and Gemmy 400W Fog Machine. 82 degrees 72 degrees humidity inside a 2 car garage. Subscribe for more interesting free videos and click Send me Updates...
  3. Halloween Props
    I've been searching the internet and forum for ideas, tips, tricks and videos. Alas...I've not found anything about arms. I want to rotate the fore arm 45 degrees so it can play a Sax or Trumpet. My original thought is heat and a gentle twist, but wanted to see if anyone else has done this.
  4. Halloween Crafts
    After making the gourdlets I figured I was done with gourds but..... I found one more weird one that could see! Trillium occularus. I hope to motorize it so it pivots 180 degrees back and forth like it's watching.
  5. General Halloween
    Accuweather.com has a 45-day forecast which, for our area, is reasonably accurate. Today is the first day that Halloween is available and it's currently coming in as sunny and 51 degrees! Woohoo!!! Fingers crossed, it'll hold. What are the forecasts for your areas?
1-5 of 5 Results