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  1. Pneumatic: Summertime Zombie Use.....Deer Repellent

    Halloween Props
    The planters around the place have been a deer buffet lately so I thought I'd get the groundbreaker out and see if he could help them survive.... I need to set up a camera to catch the reaction if one wanders too close to it. It made an impression on one of the outside cats. That cat...
  2. Monster Guts - Wiper Motors/Reindeer Motors+ NEW Monster in a Box 2.0

    For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings Haunters, If you are looking for a motor source, with fast, reliable shipping, look no further. We have wiper motors and reindeer motors ready to go. Almost all motor orders placed before 1:30pm PST ship same day! Monster Guts Motors Are you looking for a new and...
  3. Mechanical: Open For Ideas Please

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! So I have this sitting around and figured I would make it into something for Halloween. I have stripped it down now and the Santa part is now gone. Leaving me with just the deer part. Any ideas on what to use it for? I could also take the motor off and use it elsewhere as...
  4. 2015 Halloween 2015 ☠ The Killer Deer From Hell

    The Killer Deer From Hell ;)
  5. Other: Props, deer and other wild animals

    Halloween Props
    I'm thinking about putting out some props this year but my new house comes with a new challenge - lots of wildlife. Deer come through pretty much every day. Lots of squirrels, chipmunks, foxes, plus the occasional bear (or bear family), I haven't seen them but I've heard bobcats and coyotes, and...
  6. animated deer motors or simular

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey Haunters, I'm looking for some small motors to replace broken ones on some props i have and to build 2 more. The broken prop is the Evil Entity, the motor broke after only 1 season (stripped gears). The speed is kinda slow and i don't think it moves more than 2 lbs. The animated deer motors...
  7. Mechanical: kindys deer motors

    Halloween Props
    HI last year tried to order some deer motors from Kindy's. Apparently they ran out and I don't want to miss out again. The motor from the popcorn popper we used last year just didn't cut it. Does anyone know when they start stocking them or another place I can get some motors that are already...
  8. Rediscovered in Afghanastan: the vampire deer

    Off-Topic Stuff
    http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/article/0,,20869991,00.html?xid=CNNNov14&hpt=hp_bn8 Doubt I will add this to my display, but thought it was cool and kind of on topic for this forum BY KELLI BENDER @kbendernyc UPDATED 11/07/2014 AT 12:30 PM EST •ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 11/06/2014 AT 05:15...
  9. 2 military jump suits and a deer motor

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling two military jump/flight suits. Bought 4 of them from Halloween Asylum and can't really use these two. The light gray one is tagged XL and has multiple zippered pockets. The green one is tagged as a 46 inch chest and has a button front and belt. Both are like new. I'll sell them for what...
  10. Deer Costume :) Help!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I decided I was going to be a deer ealier on... I then found some pictures for inspiration and I found this I fell in love with those ears, If anyone knows who this is, or how to make ears somewhat like this (I'm guessing using felt and faux fur) that would be super awesome! Thanks in advance...