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  1. Decor with Oomph - Tips for transforming a plain room

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    For my Witches and Wizards party, I'd like to hear your ideas on decor items with oomph. What do I mean? Larger indoor items that really make a difference in a room. All rooms start with basically four walls, some windows, and one or more doors. Too often I find that my decor items are much...
  2. One Girl, 200 Dollars—Decorating on a Budget

    General Halloween
    So here's the deal. I will have a budget of 200 dollars this year for new stuff, and I would love to know what advice you guys would give to a beginner decorator. What would make the biggest impact on people that isn't expensive while also not being trashy-looking? I have a low-lying fog...
  3. Covering up white walls

    General Halloween
    Hello spooks! I'm organizing my second halloween party this year, and I'm looking for some advice. I live in an student apartment with white walls that I cannot paint or do anything even remotely permanent with, and they look super plain specially during Halloween. Last year we used that...
  4. Drunks of the round table-Halloween 2015

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Last year I did a Dantes Inferno themed party, and it went way better than expected. It was my first year hosting and decorating (something I've always wanted to do). I put a lot of time and money into my decorations, and I got a lot of praise for it. Despite how great my rooms looked, the...
  5. Prop Showcase: 2014 Brainstorming & Ideas

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! The 2014 halloween/haunt season is creeping up on us quite quickly so I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Despite my brainstorming I'm still unsure as to what direction I want to take my haunt in this year. The idea that I am most leaning towards at the moment and would...