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  1. One Girl, 200 Dollars—Decorating on a Budget

    General Halloween
    So here's the deal. I will have a budget of 200 dollars this year for new stuff, and I would love to know what advice you guys would give to a beginner decorator. What would make the biggest impact on people that isn't expensive while also not being trashy-looking? I have a low-lying fog...
  2. Static: Help building door toppers

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to build some door toppers for an existing hallway that I'm converting to a sort of Haunted Mansion motif, but I've never done anything this elaborate before and I'm having trouble getting started, since I'm not sure what materials would be best. They're going to be up year-round, but...
  3. Other: Help :(

    Halloween Props
    It's my first year putting on my haunt & I got way ahead of myself & am now quite discouraged to do anything for Halloween this year. I have an average sized yard & discovered I don't have a whole lot other than gravestones. I also have somewhat of a busy schedule but can make time if need be...
  4. Other: Help! I could use some advice from my peers.

    Halloween Props
    Each year I do my Yard Haunt for Halloween. I have a walkway up to my house and it splits the lawn in half. my question is for years i have made my displays to cater to the trick or treaters walking up my walkway. like a dark ride you can look left or right and the props etc face you. so your...