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  1. Happy Halloween!

    Member Introduction
    Hello to All. Earlier this evening, I was on Pinterest checking out some Halloween craft-y projects, and I landed here. Strangely, while I am not into the horror film genre, I get a great deal of satisfaction from engaging in the art process. I made a few things last year and this year, I'm...
  2. Velociraptor prop 1:1 scale Jurassic park prop 275.00

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Velociraptor 1:1 scale Jurassic park style This is left over from a recent run I commissioned. It's already primed ready to go. Lifelike latex over foam Special deal here 275 includes shipping in the Us Please let me know if you have any questions
  3. Cheap Projector at Amazon

    General Halloween
    Just saw this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0165ZJ0VI/?tag=dealnewscom&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER Not sure how bright it is, but with all the stuff that's included, it seems like a not half bad deal.
  4. Passing along a deal I found - Full size dummy

    General Halloween
    I know this isn't the best prop, but I saw that Amazon is selling a Full Size Dummy with Hands for $25.19 with $14 shipping. Deeply discounted from what I've seen it priced elsewhere. I'm using it for a Weekend at Bernie's prop...
  5. Scare Factory

    Merchant Reviews
    hey all, Here's another review about props I got this season. As many probably have already read about Scare Factory, many reviews are negative.. took me a few years to contact them and check them out. I've also read positive reviews. So, I figured I would start by contacting them and see...
  6. 50% Off ALL animaitons on our ENTIRE website!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Hey Haunters! It's time for our annual "13 Days to Halloween" 48-hour sale! From October 18th-19th, ALL Animations (Halloween AND Christmas) on our entire website are 50% off! That means you pay no more than $15 for each animation! No minimum to buy! (bulk discounts are NOT available during...
  7. poltergeist prop great deal on ebay :)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    im not selling this just found it on ebay.
  8. Great deal on 10W RGB Floods

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    10W LED RGB weatherproof Flood Lights with memory on Amazon for $6.39 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077GCG6RC?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_457490_364317200
  9. Gargantuan Spider cheap on Ebay

    General Halloween
    Saw someone has one in Lebanon Oregon for $75 OBO. Pick up only. Sweet deal for someone that's fairly close by. Someone go get him! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Home-Depot-9-foot-Gargantuan-Spider-Halloween-prop-Home-accents-indoor-outdoor/263971891367?hash=item3d75f368a7:g:CEoAAOSwuGhbpURQ
  10. tomb /crypt entrance inspired by scare factory version..

    General Halloween
    as I mentioned in another post :) a friend of mine had found a crazy deal on this scare factory tomb entrance, it also had a midnight studio prop on top was a deadite I think... the price was a give away deal.. but I'm in Canada he's in Illinoi !!!!!! 13 h to get there, just too far and the guy...
  11. Prop Showcase: Illuminated Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Finally got the website up so I can share pictures without having to deal with any other policies etc http://halloween.blackops.ca http://halloween.blackops.ca/2018/08/illuminated-tombstone/
  12. 2017 Display Slideshow

    General Halloween
    The wind and rain kept us at bay and prevented us from setting things outside until early afternoon on Halloween Day. Assembled and prepped but with only 3-4 hours of actual set-up outside it was a mad dash to get the display up and animated. With nothing present when students went to school and...
  13. Halloween Forum MODERATORS WANTED!

    General Halloween
    Halloween Forum is a really unique place and we want to keep it a friendly, awesome site for Halloween enthusiasts, home haunters and professional haunters alike. So that being said, the time has come to put out a call for a few good members to step up and help keep the forum clean and tidy...
  14. Home Depot's Deal of the Day - 20% off on select Halloween inflatables ends Midnight

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Surprised no one mentioned this today. Just over 4 hours left for Home Depot's Deal of the Day which is Halloween inflatables and a 6 ft. Standing Jack-o-Lantern guy. Free shipping. No code, just click on the Deal of the Day area on the home page. Changes up at Midnight.
  15. dent and scratch casket

    Wanted to Buy
    So I've seen where some people have bought caskets from dealers for really cheap because of it being dent and scratch price. I was seeing if anyone on here has had such luck or gotten a deal for a dent and scratch casket?
  16. Big Lots Repeats $10 to $40 off coupon deal - Sat. 8/12 - 8/19

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Been signed up to their Rewards program and just got an email with coupon for their next Save Big deal. Starts tomorrow, Sat. 8/12 @ 3am EDT and expires Sat. 8/19 @ 11:59pm PDT. Right now it's not showing up on their website but think it will tomorrow, otherwise I guess you need to be a Rewards...
  17. Grandin Road 25% Off + Free Shipping Til 11:59 EDT May 30!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I'm sure most of you know about this but Grandin Road is offering 25% off everything AND free shipping. They usually only offer one or the other. The sale has been extended to 11:59 Eastern time tonight, May 30. I ordered the Winged Lady statue and Eternal Rest tombstone I just saved $31.80 on...
  18. Spooky tupperware!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey folks! Just wanted to let everyone know that even tupperware has some fun halloween stuff out this year! I bought this set from my aunt just now (I didn't even know she sold tupperware until she messaged me showing me these guys haha oops!) I have the snack cups and tumblers in regular day...
  19. Skeleton Flamingo

    Wanted to Buy
    Where is the best deal for Skeleton Flamingos?
  20. Shopko stores 2016

    General Halloween
    They were still in the process of setting up last night; very little out on the shelves besides a few Pose n Stay type skeletons, and some lights. However, they have a lot online, and they have "approx 5 ft tall" posable skeletons for $25. I am sure that they are not the best quality, but I...