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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a giant Home Depot Halloween 2017 5ft wide Animated Shaking Skeleton Spider that I am looking to sell. The spider's entire body glows white and the all of his eyes illuminate red. The spider shakes and thrashes and makes spider noises amongst other spooky sound effects. The spring-loaded...
  2. General Halloween
    Daytime Photos with commentary Night photos with a couple of gifs
  3. General Halloween
    Daytime walk-thru to show off the display in full daylight. The night videos are great, but you don't see the details in props under night lighting on video.
  4. General Halloween
    So, for the past 5 years I've done a Halloween display that incorporated programmed LED lights with traditional Halloween Haunt elements (coffins, cemetery, boarded windows, etc.) This year, I went in a whole new direction and changed my theme to Five Nights at Freddy's which is a popular...
  5. General Halloween
    Posted a video of this year's display.
  6. General Halloween
    Here is a daytime version of Halloween 2014
  7. Halloween Props
    I have never posted any pics on the forum before, but I liked how my Haunt turned out this year. It is a combination of Pirate and graveyard. While not perfect, it will work. I make finally adjustment to clothes on Friday (day off). daytime pirates nightime pirates day time Graveyard...
  8. General Halloween
    Daytime Walk-through.. Watch in 720p or 1080p
1-8 of 8 Results