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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys hows everyone? Cool forum, I've been doing the haunted house thing on off sense I was a kid in the 70s. We had a high school in my part of town that did one every year in their gym. So I grew up with them. Now my son works at them at Halloween. But the reason I'm here is I've been...
  2. Halloween Props
    My curtains want to bounce 1/2 open. I have taken the gearbox off, removed the motor and inspected the "wandering gear". Mine appears to be stationary. I even tried to move it with a small screwdriver...no luck. Any ideas. I love the Zultan and do not wish to tie the curtains back. Sincerely, Dave
  3. General Halloween
    Has anybody noticed Dave Lowe's Halloween inspiration this year? A "Farmers Market!"...........................just pure brilliance. I know it's late in the game but I am so copying this concept. Anybody else going to try? Here is a link to the Hallmark channel show which displays his (and...
  4. General Halloween
    Hi Haunters, My name is Dave and I live in the UK, This year me and my partner are coming over to Lakeland, Florida for two weeks over Halloween and was wanting to know if any of you Guys are near by so we can visit your Haunts?? Looking forward to seeing how the professionals Haunt !! Thanks...
  5. Halloween Props
    Dave Lowe has a tutorial with a one eyed furry monster window display. Taking inspiration from Dave, I created a giant clown head and used two very inexpensive eyeball plastic molded masks on poster board. Dave uses a giant salad bowl, but the masks are so lighter and easier to work with. I...
  6. Halloween Props
    Dave just posted this and I think it is awesome. I will be doing this next year! Made from foam board!
1-6 of 6 Results