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  1. Darkrose Manor 2016 - Inferno

    General Halloween
    Video- https://youtu.be/NGu0IIAkLOE All Photos- https://www.facebook.com/darkrosemanor/
  2. Darkrose Manor 2015 - Silhouette

    General Halloween
    Flickr Photo Set: https://www.flickr.com/gp/filialunadesigns/U5x4Dk Video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/PgnNCFR_MU4 Hope you all had an amazing season! - P
  3. Darkrose Manor 2013 - 'Glaschielverto'

    General Halloween
    Night Photos - Full Flickr Set - Night Daylight Details - Full Flickr Set - Daylight Backstory for 2013 - 'Glaschielverto' Some ten thousand years ago, in the time the Dark Ones call ‘the Fall’, the Veil was cast over the world, and a great magic was lost. Gaia shook and became...
  4. Darkrose Manor New Links!

    Hi Everyone! Happy Haunting Season!!! Darkrose Manor now has a Facebook Page and a Youtube Channel. YouTube Channel & New Vlogs We're really just a couple of dorks! ;) Go Subscribe - We'll Subscribe back! :) DRM Facebook Page Go like us! We'll like you back! :)
  5. Darkrose Manor 2012 - 'Darkrose Small-O'

    General Halloween
    Slideshow over at Flickr 2012 at Darkrose Manor. The scaled down version of 2010's 'The Hollow' Or as we have begun to call it... "Darkrose Small-O" We had fun - it was far less stress this year. We sat on the porch again, just the two of us. We haven't done that since our first year. We...
  6. Other Darkrose Manor goes Mini for 2012

    Halloween Crafts
    So, unfortunately, DRM will not be haunting the yard this year as we had hoped. Instead, because I cannot even concieve of not doing something haunt related, I have begun to haunt in miniature... Here's a preview and a link to the new Etsy shop... there is much more to be added to the new shop...
  7. Darkrose Manor 2012 - The Menage

    General Halloween
    Darkrose Manor 2012 - The Menage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All! Here's the (somewhat ambitious) plan for DRM 2012. This is not all set in stone. We are obviously going to need to search out sponsors for the massive support that it will...
  8. Darkrose Manor - Just accused of being Satanists...

    General Halloween
    Ridiculous... :p The city that we live in has actually listed our yard haunt as a 'city attraction'. That in and of itself is, in my opinion, quite the accomplishment. I just had a rather interesting and somewhat disturbing conversation with the neighbor that lives directly to our right...
  9. Darkrose Manor 2010 - The Hollow

    General Halloween
    View the entire Daylight Details Slideshow here View the entire Night Photos Slideshow here Thanks for looking! Happy Halloween Everyone! :)
  10. Darkrose Manor 2009 - Haunt Video

    General Halloween
    The video isn't the greatest as we are very new at video editing... that combined with having so many tots that we didn't have much time to record! (I guess we can't really complain about that! :) Will probably do another, more polished version later this month.