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  1. Dark Ambient Sub Sub Genre help requested

    Halloween Music
    Normally, I am a pro with Witchhouse/Drag/Haunted House, but it doesn't go well with a creepy haunt (in my opinion). Sure, it is kind of scary, but there's no sustained build up. My next go to was Ghost Drone. Turns out that is another name for Witchouse (facepalm). Ghost ambient and solid...
  2. Looking To Create A Halloween Compilation, Who's Interested ?

    Halloween Music
    Mystary Records Is Looking To Produce A Halloween Compilation With The Best Horror Musicians Around The Halloween Forum & World Which Will Be Released Under Mystary Records & Promoted To Thousands Of Creatures Out There If You Are Interested Please Email Us Your Music & Links At...
  3. Ambient Horror song, "The Abattoir". I just wrote it. Free download, if you want it.

    Halloween Music
    Ambient Horror song, "The Abattoir". I just wrote it. Free download, if you want it. This is perhaps the most disturbing song I have ever composed. I hope you like it... if you like heinously oppressive ambient soundscapes. "The Abattoir" - on SoundCloud Hope this helps enhance the Halloween...
  4. Ambient Halloween Mix (2001)

    Here's a mix I made about 10 years ago (jeez, 10 years already) of some of my favorite dark ambient music. It was inspired tremendously by a Hearts of Space radio show called "The Gathering Gloom". Please ... let me know what you think in the comments. It'd be tremendous fun to see comments in...
  5. Free Dark Ambient/Halloween Music Tracks

    Halloween Music
    Hi all, I wanted to let this community know that I just completed an album of ambient soundscape music. I know two of the eight tracks on the album will be pretty big hits with Halloween fanatics, as they are very desolate, brooding, and mysterious sounding, and fit right into that dark ambient...