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  1. Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I recently read Joe Hill's book Heart Shaped Box. I love a good ghost story. I was intrigued with the concept of buying a haunted item off an internet auction sight. Judas Coyne is a rock star who grew up with an abusive father and an enabling mother. Judas grew up in rural Louisiana on a...
  2. New BIG SCARY NEWS: All the latest, plus an exclusive with Danny Hassell

    Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 142 features all the latest news, plus an exclusive interview with Danny Hassell from Nightmare on Elm Street part 4 and 5. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! #bigscarynews #bigscaryshow https://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news
  3. Danny and Sandy were dead in Grease

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Have you seen this yet? Apparently there's a fan theory that Sandy (and maybe Danny, too) both drowned on the beach at the beginning of Grease, and the entire movie is their dying fantasies. An alternate theory says that Sandy committed suicide just before her "makeover" at the end. Deceased...
  4. Good horror music for Halloween

    Halloween Music
    So here are some of my personal favorite pieces of music perfect for Halloween time: A Nightmare On Elm Street Theme - Charles Bernstein Beetlejuice Theme - Danny Elfman Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Beginning - Wojciech Kilar Candyman: It Was Always You, Helen - Philip Glass Donnie Darko: Burn It...