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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello everybody! I have the 11 foot Gemmy zombie organ player with the 2 dancers and they both quit spinning! PLEASE HELP! ANY SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS WELCOME!
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! I am new here and looking for some help with my Gemmy inflatable organ player, This is the large prop with dancers on either side that are supposed to spin around and now they don't spin, looking for any and all suggetions! HELP!
  3. General Halloween
    As satisfying as making humanoid props out of pvc and duct tape and wiper motors may be, let's face it, they're often more of a curiosity than a fright. One hockey-masked person jumping out the shadows has more shock value than a dozen CVS skeletons. I'm not here to suggest that you create...
  4. Halloween Props
    Every year I try to add something significant (e.g., car-stopping, jaw-dropping) to the build, and this year's Ghost Dancers came together nicely. Inexpensive, an hour to build the whole set, and another light source for the yard.
1-4 of 4 Results