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  1. Halloween Props
    This is the back (fortunately) of the new Remus Lupin stone we made this year. We've been setting our graveyard up for years and this never happened before - we must have just put this one in the wrong spot. Sunlight reflected off a window and melted the foam away. Anyone else ever had this...
  2. Member Introduction
    I like to collect scary creatures, not really for decoration but just to keep around me. I like being surrounded with them. I want more. I especially like this vampire bat I got a few years ago that is unfortunately damaged. I want another one exactly like it, so that's why I'm here, to start...
  3. Wanted to Buy
    looking for a non working one or damaged one for parts?? anyone have one of these??
  4. Merchant Reviews
    avoid these sites like the plague-- different names but same company they send you , something completely different from what your order. they send you damaged items. and expect you to pay for return shipping. their costumer service is a joke
1-4 of 4 Results