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  1. Static: Hi to Inhabitants of Drake Manor!

    Halloween Props
    Well today's job has been doing some updating to my tape ghost people to change them to the family who live in Drake Manor. We have Lord Winston in his car, alongside him Daisy the maid, next is Lady Eleanor, another shot of Daisy, then Daughter Victoria. Still working on Baby Isobel who...
  2. Pepper's Ghost in a small Space Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Items required: 1 Roll Gaffers Tape 1 C-Stand (I rented mine from a movie production rental house) Hello Haunters! 1 Projector 1 large mirror 1 piece of Lexan or Plexi Glass larger than your opening (smaller sizes can be purchased from home depot or lowes, but for larger sizes it is cheaper to...
  3. Prop Showcase: My Pepper's Ghost

    Halloween Props
    They said it couldn't be done. Well not that it couldn't be done but more that it seems like a bit much. And it wasn't so much a "they" as it was my wife. And it's more along the lines of "how much did you spend on that???" But anyway, here is a cell phone movie of my peppers ghost. I hope...
  4. Please Please Please Help me :)

    General Halloween
    Please vote for my home! I was limited to one photo for the page, and as you all know, one photo will never do a proper yard haunt justice. But if you could, I would be so grateful! I will be posting tutorials and videos soon...especially of my new Daily the Ghost Bride Pepper's Ghost...