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  1. Mechanical: Help ASAP with Home Depot Headless Horseman!

    Halloween Props
    Just picked this guy (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-86-6-in-Headless-Horseman-5124513/304942912) up today on floor model. Obviously, some bits were broken, nothign we couldn't fix, but specifically the mechanism that turns his legs was broken. Me and my dad have been trying to...
  2. Prop Showcase: Last Years Yard Haunt!

    Halloween Props
    This is last years yard haunt me and my Dad set up! very late on this but i'm still figuring this forum out lol :D This year were going to be adding a lot of new things to it and I can't wait to share with you all when its up! We'll be setting up in about 3 weeks! Let me hear your opinions on...
  3. Halloween (1978 original) released in 4K!

    Horror Discussion
    I didn’t see a thread started yet but wanted to let y’all know that halloween is going to be released in October in 4K. I personally hope it’s in Dolby Atmos too but don’t know for sure yet. Anyway can’t wait to purchase it!!!!
  4. Boo to You!

    Member Introduction
    Good day mortals. I would like to introduce myself to you as AngelofDarkness. I am a fan of Halloween like you (I even help my dad with decorating our house). I would like to know about you and the community as a whole. :)
  5. Hi from Alabama

    Member Introduction
    I'm Roger and I live near Gulf Shores Alabama....I too love Halloween. I was raised in a small town in Indiana that had a Halloween parade every year. I think that is where my interest started. Plus I love spooky stuff. I remember my Dad carrying me to bed at night and he would tell me we...
  6. Book Teaser: Refuge

    Announcements / Press Releases
    "Sarah, your uncle isn't coming back", said Dakota handing her the wallet they'd gotten from the barn. "I'm sorry." Sarah removed the note from the wallet and after reading it to herself she turned to Tess with tears in her eyes. "Hes gone Tess", she said quietly putting her arms around her...
  7. I Had A "Death Dream"

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I hope it means nothing. I used to have an occasional dream about someone in this small town. The next day, that person would find me, call me, and ask me to do some little job for them. At the same time, My Dad would have a dream about someone here, and a day or two later, they would.. Die...
  8. Is my father haunting our old house?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I'll try to keep this brief. We were in my home town for the funeral of a beloved friend, the next-door neighbor from my youth. While at the wake I was formally introduced to the woman who bought my father's home in 2001, about 9 months after he passed. We spoke at length - she is very engaging...
  9. in Memorium

    General Halloween
    Was scaling down and also considering not doing anything because both my Dad and my wife got sick this year. Unfortunately our dad passed away last month. We were all devestated as you can imagine. Has been rough but my family advised that he would have wanted us to celebrate. He was our...
  10. True Ghost Story

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Let me begin by saying, "I don't believe in ghosts" This story is TRUE, and it still gives me chills down my spine I will also mention that my family has no mental illnesses which would leave me to believe this story is false Setting: Lemont Illinois late 60's early 70's (this was when the...
  11. "GOOD" with the Bad!

    General Halloween
    Two nights ago I had to kick a very obnoxious drunk Woman out of The Ravens Grin Haunted house. She came in with four others were were not intolerably drunk. I did tolerate her problem longer than I usually do,hoping she might"even-- out." As I was trying to entertain them she said loudly :"I...
  12. Today and tonight Ravens Grin

    General Halloween
    Open this afternoon had three women from indianna ( 5 hours away, plus a young man from California. Then tonight we had three a "Dad" and two teenage girls. The "Dad" had been here four or more times,and HE was the one that tonight made THE BIGGEST SCREAM and JUMP! That I have seen in a long...
  13. We need a Universal Signal or Safeword for Parents TOTers with Autism

    General Halloween
    I had the most wonderful little boy visit me this year. His dad brought him up to where I was sitting and passing out candy. I don't remember what the dad said, but he handed me the card in the photo and conveyed fact that he could not speak. I gave his son candy and he touched me on the knee...
  14. Our 2014 camp trip

    General Halloween
    First up we had our skelly waiting for AAA (mainly cuz dad (me) forgot his 2 posables that were gonna help change the tire!) Our Caged Beast (really need to do something cuz a footpad won't work) was a huge hit with a young blind boy that kept coming back the whole weekend just to feel and hear...