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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hoeabiger Origa 16" Linear Air Slide Cylinder (used) Halloween Prop Pneumatics Industrial ebay item 264275930518 for sale by : thehobbyshop Thanks for looking.
  2. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I decided that instead of uploading these files in a one by one thread, I'd upload these to my Keep and Share account, below is a list of the available files, each one is a direct link to that file. Some are no longer online, you will see some that are obviously still online (there is one here...
  3. Halloween Props
    My apologies if this design has been posted many times, I sure someone else has thought of it before. And I agree with the experts here, use a real cylinder if building an elaborate and expensive prop. My props are for a hayride, I can manually operate and reset the props. This is a single...
  4. Halloween Props
    So I'm doing a zombie fence shaker this year and it's my first-ever pneumatic prop. I got an 18gal compressor off Craigslist and will have that 50ft away so hopefully the noise doesn't ruin the rest of my scene. Connecting with a 3/8 inch hose to this flow control connector. Controlled by a...
  5. Wanted to Buy
    i was way this week to he kcc game and i lost the bid to Dr.Shivers Cylinder...Does anyone have one they would love to sell me..i did note it went for 113.00!...in my many moves it got lost...i appreciate any info!
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello, I have a scissor mech that I want to hook up to a prop to automatically extend. Any thoughts or diy to automatically extend using a motor or something besides a pneumatic cylinder? Thanks
  7. Wanted to Buy
    One of my props is the Mad Scientist ...somewhere in all my moves I lost his cylinder...I would really like to replace it..does anyone have 1 I could purchase...Gemmy does sell replacement parts such as cylinders...plz let me know...thanks for any info!
  8. Halloween Props
    Starting the planning stage for a new 2018 prop. This will be a standing zombie very similar to the sitting scarecrow from Spirit. It will start with its head looking down and its arms by its sides. When triggered its head will look up and its arms will extend out as it screams. After the scream...
  9. Halloween Props
    Okay, so about 10 years ago i built a pneumatic prop. It used a bicycle pump and sprinkler valve ( not the safest idea but lowwww pressure) it was a ghoul that would pop straight up when triggered, doubling in height. some of you might know it as my avatar. I wanted something safer, so I got a...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hello fellow haunters, I have a question about the safety of a prop I am working on!! I am building a giant Jack in the Box. I built a scissor mechanism out of 1" square aluminum tubing and it stands over 6' tall when extended. With the Bimba cylinder I am using, it takes between 60 and 70 PSI...
  11. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Get them while they last. A double acting 13-inch cylinder for $6.95. You can't beat this price. There aren't many left and they'll probably all be gone today. http://www.mpja.com/12-08-16.asp?r=336845&s=16
  12. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi All! Hope all is well, Cleaning out the attic this weekend as I prepare for yet another season. Came across some old pneumatic cylinders and solenoids, and controllers I have no use for. PICTURES: http://imgur.com/a/0uB7N Atlas Cylinder Double Acting 9'' stroke (cylinder length is 13''...
  13. Halloween Props
    Does anyone know what this product is called or where to get it. I know it is out there but since I don't know name I can't find it with search. It doesn't have to be really thick, just thick enough to support itself when curved. Thicker than transparency sheet but thinner than most poleax...
  14. Halloween Props
    Updated video of my first attempt with pneumatics. Open to suggestions on control of the lid cylinder, it seems to powerful to me. I have one regulator working both cylinders . I installed a flow control on the feed in side of the lid solenoid. When leaving the pressure high enough to raise...
  15. Halloween Props
    After searching the web and the forum for pneumatic cylinders for making prop heads turn the only thing I found was a Turn Act 180 cylinder that was used in a prop but it didn't give a model number. I am working on a prop where I want the head to thrash side to side. The head is a mask filled...
  16. Halloween Props
    Im trying to get the guy inside the coffin to go up and down. I can get it to go up but now down by itself. Im using a 4 way 5 port valve with a double acting cylinder. do I need a pressure regulator on one of the lines in order for it to work? Need help
  17. Halloween Props
    Has anybody built a four bar bodyslinger using a regular pneumatic cylinder? If so, what diameter did you use? Does anyone know if the cylinders monster guts sells will get the job done?
  18. Halloween Props
    My wife and I are going as Batman villains for this coming Halloween. She is Harley Quinn, and I'll be Cesar Romero style Joker. Here is the pop gun prop she is working on . It's a Lone Ranger style cap gun from Goodwill, cost $1 with the barrel and part of the cylinder sawed off and a...
  19. Halloween Props
    I found this spring rocking horse last summer, but we didn't have time to add it to last years haunt. So this spring we finally mounted him on a pole with cylinder, we still have some finishing work yet, but I think it will look pretty good in nursery.
  20. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a torso erector /sit up mechanism up for sale. It is a little larger than others I've seen. It uses a 2" bore x 4" stroke cylinder . 120VAC solenoid ,requires a minimum of 20 psi to operate. The overall length ,from the end of the pivot arm to the end of the base it is 38 1/2". 12" wide...
1-20 of 25 Results