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  1. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Male Disassembled Torso on sale for $175 LIMITED TIME ONLY Full size male torso has been hacked up. Very realistic and plenty of gore made with flat back https://dementeddesignstudios.com/gore-props-jars/body-parts/male-disassembled-torso.html
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    Our daughter is an amazing artist that loves all things Halloween. Last year, our annual Halloween party was themed as a NIGHTmare AT THE MUSEUM and she painted a portrait of our fictitious museum founder, Archibald Pennington, that we hung above the fireplace. She also does caricature...
  3. Blog
    Last October I decided to start making my own props again. I think it was the result of not wanting to fight over inventory with other sellers and beside it was October and I wanted to have some fun. I begin by making a bunch of Corpse Heads. My profile picture is one of the 1st ones I did...
  4. Halloween Props
    This year for our arcade I make a horror-themed videogame cabinet to go with the game "Splatterhouse". I'll keep this top post as the "executive summary" and then show a breakdown of the various items that went in to it. -Clay
1-4 of 4 Results