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  1. Prop Showcase: Need Ideas on my Atmos FX Garage door

    Halloween Props
    This year Im adding a projector in the garage to display the bone chillers video fx. My projector displays from top to bottom very well but is short on the sides. I added a photo so you can see about how much its short by. I need some ideas on what I can put on the sides to cover up the blank...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: Star Trek projections from AtmosFX

    Halloween Props
    Something new from AtmosFearFX. Star Trek Beam Me Up projections. If you are a Star Trek fan, resistance will be futile! Not sure how people would use this in a haunt but sure someone will find a way...maybe the Borg are trying to board and collect alien species? or maybe you're a Discovery fan...
  3. Shallow Grave Cemetery 2018 - Garden of Souls

    General Halloween
    Thy soul shall find itself alone. Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone. Not one, of all the crowd, to pry into thine hour of secrecy. The spirits of the dead who stood in life; before thee are again. In death around thee, and their will shall overshadow thee...
  4. HauntLilydale 2018 First major haunt and trick or treat

    General Halloween
    Last year I pulled together a quick zombie walk/scare and a few displays in about a week. This year a lot more time and prop making happened so we put on a much bigger display. We had a little kid area with bright colourful fun witches and photo opportunities which then was under a black...
  5. Local Spirit Halloween - Not So Much Spirit

    General Halloween
    I know the local Spirit Franchisees deal with alot of BS for a month and a half, but it's a shame they would just rather throw the displays away than make some extra $. Was in the store in the morning, bought some display animatronics and asked what they would do with the windmill, etc if they...
  6. Need help fixing Zultan Curtains

    Member Introduction
    Hi, Just trying to find a video that goes through how to fix Zultan's curtains
  7. Mechanical: Zultan issues...curtains again

    Halloween Props
    My curtains want to bounce 1/2 open. I have taken the gearbox off, removed the motor and inspected the "wandering gear". Mine appears to be stationary. I even tried to move it with a small screwdriver...no luck. Any ideas. I love the Zultan and do not wish to tie the curtains back. Sincerely, Dave
  8. Pneumatic: Pneumatic curtains

    Halloween Props
  9. Prop Showcase: witch's shack facade

    Halloween Props
    So now that the skull mausoleum is done, it's time for the next build. The witch's shack will be 12ft wide by 8ft tall. It will have a porch with rails, and a roof also. Green led lighting has been purchased and will be installed. I am using 2x3 framing with old weathered fence boards. I have...
  10. Lighting: Anybody used IKEA Teresia fine mesh sheer curtains for projector screen?

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, Yesterday my wife and I went to our local IKEA store. I found the following: IKEA TERESIA Sheer curtains, 1 pair, white IKEA number 502.323.33 Width 145 cm (57") Length 300 cm (118") Cost £9.00 The curtains are sheer white, with very fine mesh. I'm interested in using projectors with...
  11. Prop Showcase: 2015 prop video

    Halloween Props
    first of 2 videos, i hope, of my black light illuminated shower curtains ... the 2nd has different images and also shows a few of my other black light reactive props ... and laser vortex ... but i'm having issues uploading it to youtube :-( yeah, the video is unedited ... the camera had a...
  12. Opinions needed on porch entrance

    General Halloween
    So I bought some curtains last year at Home Depot because I thought they would be great for halloween (they were on clearance). I've tried dirtying them up with absolutely no success. I even sent my two boys out in the back yard to try and dirty them up, still no success. Anyways, I'm thinking...
  13. Cheap Spiderweb Curtains at Lakeside Collection

    General Halloween
    If anyone is in need of curtains with a dark vibe, these are incredibly nice and extremely affordable, at just over $6 each: http://www.lakeside.com/Home-Decor/Curtains---Window-Coverings/Spider-Web-Lace-Window-Curtains/275b/prod1740249.jmp?categoryId=&fm=qvdetails&navAction=jump&navCount=0
  14. IKEA 8' Curtains on Sale

    General Halloween
    I do much more lurking than posting as I don't have too much to offer as I'm very new to the haunting scene. Thank you to everyone that has shared great tips & tricks. I've learned a lot. I picked up a couple of packages of curtains from IKEA that are on sale for $3.99. Each package has 2...
  15. Give Your Bathroom A Fun, Holiday Feel with Halloween Shower Curtains !

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, Give your bathroom a fun, holiday feel by adding this Halloween shower curtain and matching toilet accessories - it makes decorating for this holiday is simple, inexpensive and easy. Hot stuffs !! :D especially the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern shower curtains with matching Jack-O-Lantern...