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  1. American Horror Season 7-Cult

    Horror Discussion
    American Horror Season 7: Cult https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gQI1SpygLY https://www.ahs7.com/week-one
  2. 2014 Dark Cult Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    2014 Dark Cultist Halloween Party Theme: Dark Cultists invade a house to begin their summoning rituals 1st floor: Crude dining and alchemy, tributes given by initiates to the God of Death 2nd floor: Summoning of the God of Death, torture of the doubtful, dark sacrafice Outside: Bones of...
  3. Help! Anyone know of scary "monk chant" or "cult chant" type of music.

    Halloween Music
    Help! Anyone know of scary "monk chant" or "cult chant" type of music. I couldn't find anything similar in existing posts but I'm looking for like creepy chanting by monks or cult group.... Hopefully nothing that will open a real portal or cause a spell lmao!! Thank you in advance for any help...
  4. Witch's Night Out on DVD

    General Halloween
    I'm super excited about this. I think I've mentioned this cartoon about 50 times since I joined the forums. We have a VHS tape of it that we bought used from a video store that probably was a rental copy from the early 80s. It's definitely on it's last legs. I've heard some people say it's...