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  1. Looking For The Life Size CyptKeeper Prop Sold At Spencers In The Late 1990's

    Wanted to Buy
    I'd really like to get a hold of one of these awesome guys. He doesn't have to work, pretty much any condition would be fine with me. So if you have one that's all dressed up with no place to "ghoul", please let me know. Thanks! EDIT: It actually doesn't have to be the Spencer's one, I'd be...
  2. Mechanical: Bring back the gemmy animated crypt keeper prop !

    Halloween Props
    Hi,i just joined to ask if anybody believes that this would be a great idea ! I Have been searching for a way to possibly create a petition page of some sort and a group to give Gemmy the idea to bring back the Crypt Keeper Animated prop. Anybody thinking the same ? ;)
  3. Static: Crypt Keeper

    Halloween Props
    The unfinished head of the Crypt Keeper prior to being painted and built up. Made out of old faithful Crayola modeling magic. and an other shot of him half way painted. I have to find some shots of him finished with hair and costume.
  4. looking for halloween techno song

    Halloween Music
    It is the Halloween theme played throughout in a techno style, Elm street's Nancy says do you believe in the boogeyman, then in the middle she says wake up are you there, freddy answers I'm here then Vincent Price laughs in the thriller laugh and its remixed so it stutter laughs(like...