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  1. Craziest Ambient Sound Yet

    Halloween Music
    Next year we are putting a "Zombie Orphanage" in our Graveyard. A bunch of baby dolls, all corpsed up as Zombies. They are very disturbing in appearance. Cute but scary. For the soundtrack I found the sound of four babies crying all at once. Man, 8 seconds of that is all I can stand! Which got...
  2. Static: Dead Angel

    Halloween Props
    I ment to build this last year but I lost someone very dear to me and didn't have the heart to do so. This year I decided to give it a go. I should have done a step by step on how to build it but didn't think of it until i was almost done. Its mostly a skeleton on a base, with legs from a...
  3. My 2016 Halloween Project

    General Halloween
    Hi All Here's my 2016 project. Went really well. Loads of screams, laughter and the odd running off crying. Already planning next years :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JHlUHTwxGE Thanks Rich