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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi - I done some taxidermy on a pair of crows wings last year, but I don't know how to make use of them. They are just a little too large for a mask and too small for my back - anyone got any good / random ideas? Please note in the picture they look attached but they are separate. thank you
  2. Halloween Props
    Roughed out the initial mock-up of a crow's nest for my upcoming Pirate themed haunt. 4ft across the top and 40 inches tall. It will easily fit in its intended space but I've gotten some comments that it might be too big for a pirate ship crow's nest. The pirate in the pic is 5ft tall. Before...
  3. General Halloween
    I noticed that Big Lots! is restocking their 21in half whiskey barrel planters again. I bought one a few years ago for my pirate's crow's nest. Looks like 20% off now. http://www.biglots.com/product/21-whiskey-barrel-planter/p210020690
  4. Halloween Props
    Following nosefuratyou thread for his 'Crowbait' prop, ourselves and jdubba were discussing how to make realistic looking crows that were 3D rather than just a cut out. I already had an idea that I was going to try and I said I would post the result....so true to my word, after ending up...
  5. General Halloween
    There is a large disused fountain in the front of my house. Rain water sometimes pools there and it's not unusual for a passing bird to fancy a bath or a quick drink. However, this morning, I woke to find a happy murder of crows treating themselves to a spa day in my front yard. While some...
  6. General Halloween
    Yesterday.They were walking around in the parking lot next to a gas station at the edge of town here. There were four of them, walking in circles snapping up bits of something they imagined to be actual "Food"? They were four huge, black Crows! I have never seen any larger than these Crows are...
  7. Halloween Music
    Does anyone have this "Restless Crows" CD? How is it? http://www.poisonprops.com/cd-089-restless-crows/
  8. Halloween Props
    So i made a new witch this year and among other things a plague doctor mask for my nephew (avoiding steampunk) and having nowhere to hang the mask to dry it went on the witch,i think it suits her crows so well i'll just keep her as is...
    Wondering if anyone that's done a Pirate theme with a crows nest might have any ideas that worked for them. I've been mulling over how to attach a crow's nest to a pvc pipe. I have a Lowe's barrel planter that I plan on using with a lightweight torso but am unsure how to steady it to the pole. I...
  10. Member Introduction
    I am so happy to finally be surrounded by people with the same love as me! My name is Anna and I am obsessed with Halloween. I collect all of the usual Halloween things: Crows/Ravens, owls, witches, bats, haunted houses, skeletons, skulls, graveyards, headstones, creepy trees, moons. My room is...
  11. Halloween Crafts
    Starting this thread just to give people a heads up to March craft of the month March – Ravens, Crows, Owls Vultures Time to get creative with some birds :) this is about being creative and seeing what everyone comes up with its not a contest just to have fun. maybe even doing something you...
  12. Halloween Props
    I'm making some Ravens/Crows , and I'm looking for some place that sells them in Bulk. Anyone know of a place? Thanks CFD318 This is what I'm shooting for
  13. Halloween Props
    Well, the last time I posted my pillars were about 95% done. Now they are 100% -- woohoo! :D
  14. Halloween Props
    All of the new animal props out this year are awesome, but they all suffer the same flaw, at least in my eyes, of being anatomically incorrect in a very obvious way. The cats have ears, the dogs have noses AND ears, and the crows have bone wing and tail feathers. The cat is closest to being...
  15. Halloween Props
    I found these crows for my yard haunt not at your Halloween stores or craft stores but at Dicks Sporting goods. And they on clearance for a couple bucks a piece. they could have used a bit of dry brushing to bring them to life ( but time didnt allow )
1-15 of 15 Results