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  1. Wanted Raven on Branch TJMax Home Goods 2016

    Wanted to Buy
    Do you have a resin raven statue perched on tree branch from TJMax or Home Goods sold in 2016 that you want to sell?
  2. Prop Showcase: Witch tree finished

    Halloween Props
    One of two larger props for the front yard display. finished with the paint and dry brush today. We'll have a lantern and a couple pair of little kids shoes hanging from the branches. Probably a crow or two and some Spanish moss. It will add some visual interest to the scene...
  3. Static: Scare, CROW

    Halloween Props
    Not sold on the name yet. Had this idea rattling in my head for at least a year, and though we're scaling well back this year, I still wanted to get this one built. Had use it or lose it situation on my vacation, so taking a few days off and getting a couple hours to work in the new air...
  4. 25% off sale on RebelsMarket

    For Sale By Merchants
    "Crow" Women Shirt / Black "Crow" Men Shirt / Black "Left Hand/Skull" Women Shirt / Black "Left Hand/Skull" Men Shirt / Black All offers: http://www.rebelsmarket.com/rebel-store/vincent-lentzsch-shirtdesigns
  5. 15% discount off all orders on RebelsMarket (shirts, bags, necklaces)

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Get 15% off all orders in my store, with the coupon code: Halloween :cool: http://www.rebelsmarket.com/rebel-store/vincent-lentzsch-shirtdesigns
  6. CROW Tote Bags

    For Sale By Merchants
    Here are some great brand new tote bags, with prints of my Crow draw. Brilliant print quality, limited edition. - Bag size: 38cm x 42 cm (14,9 inch x 16,5 inch). - Handle length: 70 cm (27,5 inch). - Art print size: 27cm x 27 cm (10,6 inch x 10,6 inch). - Bags made of 100% cotton...
  7. CROW Men & Women Shirtdesign on my RebelsMarket

    For Sale By Merchants
    "Crow" Men Shirt Black: http://www.rebelsmarket.com/products/-crow-men-shirt-black-31976 Silkscreen print on B&C T-Shirt "Exact 150"(145g/qm). Sizes: M, L & XL. Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage, 100% cotton, 2 colour print in white. $ 22.50 (worldwide shipping for $ 4.5 as insured...
  8. Static: Crow pillars almost completed -- pics!

    Halloween Props
    Well, my pillars are almost finally done. I am still playing with the paint as you can see from the pics. They may end up looking a bit different when all is said and done but you'll get the general idea. The pillar on the right is still going to be getting quite a bit more paint. Thoughts?
  9. Static: Skeleton crow at target

    Halloween Props
    Just came from target and they have a semi pose able skeleton crow in case anyone is looking for one. 8$
  10. Need some help with a The Crow costume.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey all. So, this Halloween I've decided I want to dress as The Crow (Eric Draven) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the films release. I've dressed as him once in the past, but I wasn't completely happy with the way I looked. I wore black denim jeans instead of leather trousers, and the...
  11. Other: Sound Effects

    Halloween Props
    Does anybody have or know where I can get a track of bird sounds, like crows and ravens, etc. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. what do you guys use for sound in your displays? MP3, CD players, complete $5,000 setups? just wondering.