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  1. the nun movie and a few cool ideas for halloween

    General Halloween
    I freakin loved this movie.I thought it was good from the very start to the very end. I did buy the animated nun prop from party city and really was pleased with her. The movie is filled with halloween ideas but this one scene is super simple and to me would be erie.I couldnt find the exact...
  2. Grandin Road Tombstones

    Wanted to Buy
    I have missed out on past GR Tombstone collections (Ancient British Crosses and Celtic Crosses), if you are tired of storing yours, I would give them a good home!
  3. Halloween Decorations Meant for Another Holiday or Season

    General Halloween
    I always find it interesting when I find something for another holiday or season but it works out well for Halloween. I bought a couple of large celtic crosses from At Home at the end of summer as they were phasing out garden items at 50% off. Those crosses will look great in my cemetery. Well...
  4. Wooden Headstones and Crosses

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    We have a couple of wooden headstones and crosses for Halloween. The headstones are pretty big. I would ship them with the crosses in the middle of the headstones and wrapped in bubble wrap and heavy shipping plastic. I don't think there would be a box big enough for them. I'm asking 60.00 for...