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  1. General Halloween
    Our 5th annual haunt collaboration. Close to 800 visitors over three hours. Lots of great scares and screams. Our crew did an outstanding job as always. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/embed/A-tlc31S7fI?fbclid=IwAR3FvLdJfLf1sMu2CWlrVVALST8jPm3jENdd6eXHppyiWsdU85W4YX2SnF8
  2. Halloween Props
    Shout out and a big thanks to those who inspired this fun project! Thanks fellow haunters! Oak Lane Cemetery - For all your great ideas and online tutorials. Rustie - For the goblin idea, and awesome bubbles in your brew The Skeleton Crew - For the rust paint tip Kindo - for the idea to prop a...
  3. General Halloween
    We are done! Thanks sweatshop crew, Mo, Aly and of course Chicken Boy. Enjoy their work!
  4. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Thanks to Screaming Demons who spotted an update on the Boo Crew's facebook page, those in the area can start getting excited to see what Bob and crew come up with for this year's theme. So far it's a secret but they are looking for donations of empty cereal, mac and cheese, etc type boxes...
  5. Member Introduction
    Just retired from the Army and settled into my "final destination" and I am ready to get Hallo-wild! I am looking forward to reading and looking at what the elite Halloween crew is doing! So... thanks in advance! I hope to flaunt my stuff on this forum this coming Halloween!
  6. General Halloween
    Help!! We are stuck on which way to run our theme this year. Psycho circus carnEvil theme Insane asylum Swamp bayou We are wanting higher energy back ground music (eerie dub step) of course we do lots of blood lights strobes fogs etc. Can build almost anything with my crew but not sure...
  7. General Halloween
    Happy September 1st .. This is when I normally go in Halloween Panick mode and rush around getting everything that I told myself I'd get done over the summer started and in the works. This year I'm contemplating what to do though, because my 'crew' has had the audasity to become adult children...
  8. Halloween Props
    the Zombarbie crew and victim
1-8 of 8 Results