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  1. 10 New Halloween Songs.. All Free To Download

    Halloween Music
    Hey guys! since it is Halloween Once again I thought I would come back and give you all a bunch of new free scary music downloads! Enjoy!!
  2. Looking for music similar to...

    Halloween Music
    Hi;) I'm creating a new list of halloween music. So please help me to find a music similar to: Marilyn Manson This is halloween Rob zombie - Michael Fantomas - Rosemary's baby Team sleep - Kool aid party Korn - Kidnap the sandy claws The Ring Soundtrack 'The Well' Skyrider - Baby Blus Song I...
  3. Tower of terror

    Halloween Music
    I want to pump old music into my yard for Halloween. I found a great site at towerofterror.org. But the songs are missing that creepy quality of that tinny static sound you get at disney. Any suggestions on what I can do to the music? Certain speakers perhaps? Thanks