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  1. Cauldron Creep

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    My version of the ever popular but never stale Cauldron Creep. I wrote up this tutorial: http://gofile.me/6pliX/XLBbX65jD. It's available for download 8 am to midnight EST.
  2. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep (completed)

    Halloween Props
    I completed the Cauldron Creep. I'm very happy with how it came out. Thanks to everyone who helped me out. I wrote up a tutorial and will post that in the tutorial forum.
  3. Other: Flying Crank Ghost

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I'm thinking of building a flying crank ghost, and potentially a cauldron creep. I need help finding battery powered LED lights for the ghost eyes. What would I search for on eBay or other website to narrow the search, or does anyone have another source. A simple eBay search brings up...
  4. Static: ideas for this cool feature of cauldron

    Halloween Props
    I'm about to start building cauldron creep prop and have purchased this barrel to serve as the cauldron. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2252470498414744/?ref=messenger_banner The barrel is pretty cool as-is but I may glue a few skulls or bones to it. You have any other ideas? But...
  5. Morbid Industries Props for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    Mommy Weirdest Grossferatu Closet Creep Homunculus All of them (except for closet creep) still have their tag Let me know if you are interested. They are all under 50$ each on my ebay
  6. Tiki Themed Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    Here are the videos of my Tiki Themed Haunt. There were supposed to be animations (a creep jumping out of the Tiki Bar and a moving Tiki skeleton) but I did not have time to get those working, had computer glitches and the tiki poles being the main attraction took priority. Also fog was...
  7. Graveyard Ambience

    Halloween Music
    I've created an ambient soundtrack for our graveyard this year that has some material pulled from our main soundtrack. It has some elements that might not fit your theme completely but it does have some angry wind, siren-like witches beckoning, and some ghost-ish stuff, and a ridiculous number...
  8. Static: Halloween Airplane.....looking for idea's

    Halloween Props
    A couple days ago I get a message on FB that went a little something like this....."Hey do ya want a free airplane?" So of course I responded with "Hell Yes!" Now I'm the proud owner of a Fisher 303 ultralight. :) It's approx 75% complete needing the skin, motor and gauges. Came with all the...
  9. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep Upgrade

    Halloween Props
    I built my creep a few years ago with what I had on hand, deer motors and assorted parts I already had around, and this month finally got around to making some upgrades and improvements to it. I'm good with the look and movement of the creep himself. His head moves smooth and the arms follow the...
  10. Mechanical: Cauldron creep almost done.

    Halloween Props
    Halloween 2017 is fast closing in and time is running out to get things done. Check out our (The wife and me) Cauldron creep progress here.... Daytime shot only. Night time to follow as long as it doesn't rain! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4tgD_O2_tY I will post here as we complete the...
  11. Mechanical: Urn Creep new animated prop

    Halloween Props
    My latest animated prop the Urn Creep. I wanted to make something simple and small and thought this was a neat idea. Its fun and lighthearted and very simple to make
  12. Mechanical: Cauldron creep help

    Halloween Props
    I made a Cauldron Creep in 2016, my first attempt and it turned out well however the whole unit just kept moving some much and eventually the whole thing would tip over. I want to use it again for this year as it was such a hit but I don't want the whole thing to tip over again. I just want the...
  13. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep - Different mechanism approach

    Halloween Props
    Building a Cauldron Creep for this years haunt, but didn't want the "hunchback" look. Here is a video of the setup if anyone is interested. Happy Haunting!!
  14. Show Off Your Halloween Creep

    General Halloween
    People have talked about Halloween items creeping their way into the house. I've tried to keep the dining room clear but have given up. It is just too hot to visit the attic. I've also managed to "creep" in some Thanksgiving and a box of Xmas elves.
  15. Prop Showcase: OMG I want this: Cauldron creep!

    Halloween Props
  16. Other My chandelier make over

    Halloween Crafts
    I got this brass chandelier that holds 12 candles and gave it a make over . The purple is not as bright as pic shows the flash was making it bright. Happy with it and will creep it up more once closer to halloween Before After
  17. Cauldron Creep Cloak/Clothing How-to

    All, I'm doing my first haunt this year and am building a cauldron creep along with a few witches and whatnot. Thanks to these forums I've l;earned how to make the frames but I haven't seen any how-to's on making the clothing/cloaks. I don't know how to sew, so the easiest methods would greatly...
  18. Electronic/Software: Cauldren creep LED eyes

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I am building a cauldren creep and got some green LED lights for him. What is the best and easiest way to light them up?
  19. Mechanical: Animated Coffin Creep

    Halloween Props
    My latest prop the Animated Coffin Creep! I bought a rear wiper motor online recently and wanted to see how well it would work for prop making. It goods but has way more movement than I expected. Let me know what you think!!
  20. Mechanical: Cauldron creep

    Halloween Props
    Cauldron creep...actually it's the bones of a witch from the Texas piney woods cursed to stir her cauldron forever. http://youtu.be/cbCy0XexAjo