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  1. General Halloween
    My outside walkthrough. I took this video at the very end of the night after all the halloween party people left and we were already starting to put things away (which is why you can see some boxes in the garage - where we had a food display). Also, the area outside the garage is a little...
  2. General Halloween
    Here's a look at the inside of Boddy Creek Manor this year. (Narration starts at 6:48).
  3. General Halloween
    We had a great season this year!! I am very happy to report that all of the new projects actually worked for the big night. I designed and animated a 17 minute loop pumpkin barbershop quartet that worked great, a full house projection with surround sound for lightning, thunder, and creepy...
  4. General Halloween
    I'm brain storming for next year to figure out how to make the stream that runs next to the sidewalk to the front of our house smoke or fog. I was thinking of either a fog machine, but would need to run it over dry ice to get it to sink. I also thought about just throwing some big chunks of dry...
  5. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey everybody! Well, we just had our party this past Saturday and it was a huge success. The theme was a haunted inn called The Raven Creek Inn. Thank you everyone on this site for all their ideas and inspiration. Please check out my photo album when you get a chance. This year we made...
  6. General Halloween
    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the bayou. The year is 1938. The current owner of a (now-defunct) Sugar Creek Plantation has invited several prominent members of New Orleans society to the mansion for a Hallowe'en Ball. After the Civil War, the house and its grounds fell into a state of...
1-8 of 9 Results