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  1. Halloween Props
    With help from Vater (and JeffHaas' code tweaks) on these forums, was able to work out and build a working animated wall! Can program to say anything, a long with many different lighting effects! Link to the original thread and the creator...
  2. General Halloween
    For any Lego enthusiasts, this gentleman has a glow-in-the-dark Halloween display using the Monster Fighters Haunted House, Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion and Creator Ferris Wheel. He also uses the Halloween Series 14 Minifigures. Glowing LEGO Halloween display for 2015
  3. Halloween Props
    I will have fog coming out of the mouth with red backlighting. The front will be lit with a spot and a strobe and scary carnival music will be playing. I copied the image from the internet - I believe the creator is a fellow forum member - Keith Corcoran? If so, thanks Keith
1-3 of 6 Results