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  1. Member Introduction
    Hi i am an Australian who is very much addicted to Halloween - have been celebrating for 4 years now and every year gets better and bigger. Often look at American sites for ideas and want to thank all you people who share your creativity and ideas. Love it but unfortunately its hot when we...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello! Longtime lurker, first-time poster, here. With time winding down before Halloween (cough), I thought I'd finally go ahead and become a member. I've only been yard decorating for about four years and have really enjoyed decorating over the past two Halloweens now that I own my own home...
  3. Halloween Props
    Used up the last of my pink foam. I figure I've made over 50 tombstones during the past 20 year and these are the last two I'll make. I have more than enough for our display and will likely thin them out at some point. It's been a good exercise in creativity and I learned a lot about working...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone going to bring the craft of the month back and we are going to start with February Craft of the month is Potion bottles lets see your creativity This is all about getting creative and showing what you made :) Let the fun start :) MARCH CRAFT - WANDS APRIL CRAFT - KIT ANY KIND...
  5. General Halloween
    New to the forum. I have been enjoying scaring kids for years and this year I finally decided to hop in with both feet and start making my own stuff. Hopefully my creativity will keep my haunt growing. Really enjoy looking at everyones stuff here...happy haunting everyone!:D
  6. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I plan on using this wanted poster generator. I will then get them printed on Staple's Engineering Prints and tea stain them to make them look old and authentic! However, I need some ideas for funny/humorous/silly crimes for my guests to commit! I am hoping to tap into your guys' creativity...
1-6 of 7 Results