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  1. Atmosfx New Downloads - Dinosaurs??

    General Halloween
    Soo.. It isn't technically a Halloween product , but Atmosfx has a new creation! https://atmosfx.com/collections/dinosaurs How many of us are going dinosaur this year??????
  2. October's Here! Free Original Halloween Track Inside!

    Halloween Music
    What's up everyone. Hope your year's going well. I see on this forum that you guys are having a tough time keeping up Halloween music up, before it gets taken down. Well, last year, I've made a FREE Original Halloween Club beat last year, for anyone to listen to and/or use in a creation. (If...
  3. Other: NextGen Tombstone Creation Tool

    Halloween Props
    Take a look at this thing. It's a handheld CNC machine! Imagine the possibilities of creating tombstones and other foam creations with this.
  4. At Home (former Garden Ridge) Halloween 2015

    General Halloween
    My halloween season always starts with At Home - they are the first in my area to set up their Halloween merch. Here are a few pics I snapped today. Several isles should be filled by next week!
  5. My cake creation...

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Here are some cakes I have made and decorated...