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  1. Other: Flying Crank Ghost

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I'm thinking of building a flying crank ghost, and potentially a cauldron creep. I need help finding battery powered LED lights for the ghost eyes. What would I search for on eBay or other website to narrow the search, or does anyone have another source. A simple eBay search brings up...
  2. Mechanical: Hoping for a Bit of Floating Candelabra Help

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have an idea for a floating candelabra that I think will look great in our haunt if I can pull it off. Which is why my first step is coming here and asking you all what you think the best approach might be. I am thinking of taking my little plastic candelabra and turning it into a...
  3. Searching for FCG rigs ....

    Wanted to Buy
    In need of 4 flying crank ghost rigs for an upcoming Zombie Prom setting .... no ghosts needed, just the rigging. Anyone have an in on them? Thank you in advance .....
  4. Static: Question about size of mausoleum for FCG?

    Halloween Props
    I am already planning builds for next Halloween and one of the things I would like to build is a mausoleum with a flying crank ghost. My question is what is a good size for a FCG mausoleum? I was thinking of a 4' deep by 5' wide that would have a 3' wide door on one of the 5' sides. Would that...
  5. Question regarding a motor for a flying crank ghost!

    Halloween Props
    Would a Dremel motor work for a flying crank ghost? It is a 2 speed and says the following on the label: 120 v. AC 50-60HZ. low speed .60A/Hi Speed1.15A. My first attempt with moving prop! I have not seen a Dremel named in any projects for FCG, and looking at all my old tools for a...
  6. Mechanical: Jack in the box crank mechanism??

    Halloween Props
    Hey, I'm building a giant jack in the box!! I am using a wiper motor for the crank, overkill I know but the crank is heavy and I have a wiper motor!! My question is what is the best way to connect the motor to the crank?? Direct drive, pulleys?? Has anybody done this or have any suggestions...
  7. Hello from Georgia!

    Member Introduction
    Well it's time to start the Halloween display planning and builds. I am working on my first crank ghost and refining my flying ghosts. I found a good strong motor on E-Bay for my crank ghosts and am considering using it for the flying ghosts to.
  8. So...how hot is it?

    Haunted Humor
    Thank you BooWho? for inspiring this thread... How hot is it? It's so hot my devil figure is refusing to come out of his box! (Ba-doom - tis!) It's so hot my JoL candles are melting...and they're not even lit! (Ba-doom - tis!) It's so hot the zombies are crawling back into their graves...
  9. Mechanical: My first flying crank ghost

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, Here is my first flying crank ghost made with help from many different plans/ideas online. I built the mausoleum from scratch since I wanted something to house her in. She's named after the bride in Disney's The Haunted Mansion. Hope you like her! -Mike
  10. Mechanical: Please please help..monster guts wiper motor wont hold crank arm for fcg

    Halloween Props
    We have been working on our FCG for months now!!! We reviewed EVERYTHING..I MEAN EVERYTHING before attempting this. We built a PVC cage to enclose due to our unpredictable October weather. Followed the motor build using all the info from KICK THE FROG(great info thx froggy) built a wooden dowel...
  11. Crank Ghost ....Please help!!!

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I am wanting to add a Crank Ghost to my mausoleum this year. I'm looking to buy a complete one or the motor setup to make my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Josh
  12. Ghostbuilders Flying Crank Ghosts

    Halloween Props
    Hi all- I stumbled upon this website today and love the Christine ghost. Does anyone here have one of these crank ghosts? I don't know that my little wispy tree can hold her and am looking for some feedback on the product and hanging if you have any experience. Also, they recommend using a...
  13. Mechanical: Crank arm Marionette. Your gonna love this.

    Halloween Props
    I decided "Death of a puppet Master" to be this years theme. As such I need a lot of marionettes. (Some animated, some static) Now I've used the crank arm system to animate marionettes before, but not on this scale...
  14. Looking for a thread. crank arm marionette

    General Halloween
    somebody here did a marionette crank arm style. Would love a little help finding said thread. Thx.
  15. Electronic/Software: bagpiping skeleton.. prototype.

    Halloween Props
    hi, just thought I would share a work in progress. with the use of a 425 servo, and crank shaft I was able to come up with this guy for my cemetery. he will be dressed and pipes and mouth piece are still being worked on... I was thinking of adding a 3 axis skull and also make his foot...
  16. Mechanical: Jill in a box

    Halloween Props
    clowns freak me out, almost wouldn't do this but my daughter wanted to be in it, still have to get the crank installed (wiper motor) it will crank itself
  17. I've decided to go for an very interactive haunt this year

    General Halloween
    Hey all I've had a windfall of materials come my way this year as well as a large group of high school thespian club helpers so I've decided to try out a couple new ideas I've had. What I want to create is interaction for my guests. I see all this detail on some peoples props and think, why...
  18. Haunt Trends: Past and Present

    General Halloween
    Ever notice how every year there seems to be something a ton of haunts seem to be doing at the same time? Sometimes it was a type of prop, sometimes it was a scene, and sometimes it was an entire theme! I thought it could be fun to devote a thread to such crazes in the haunting community and...
  19. Mechanical: Help with the FCG motor

    Halloween Props
    Ok I have been on the forums searching for probably over 8+ hours on info of a flying crank ghost motor for the past week or so (and have been through the forums the past few months but just never signed up). This is my first prop I am really building and starting early so I can fix any...
  20. Lighting: Want a kick-butt blacklight for my fcg

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone recommend a good blacklight for my flying crank ghost, which will be in a mausoleum? I'm coloring ghost and the 16" blacklight I'm testing with, and the one I was planning on using, certainly ain't cuttin it! I need something really good, but don't necessarily want to spend hundreds...