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  1. FREE - Bottom half of broken life-size skeleton (Tempe, Arizona)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This very unfortunate thing happened to my 60-inch skeleton companion, Vlad, last night. As I was loading things into a van to move, I picked him up by his spine, and the poor guy's spine just snapped in two. He was in a storage unit without air conditioning for quite some time a few years ago...
  2. Southern, sassy & crafty!

    Member Introduction
    Hi, hi. New to the group. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a prop builder / crafter, but I'm here mostly to learn and get better. I look forward to getting to know everyone. :D
  3. Looking for crafty haunters & creative people

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hey everyone. I've been a member of Halloween Forum since 2008! I mostly lurked, but posted throughout the years on project I have been working on, props, and other stuff. I was part of the original crew, been through some drama, good times, met some amazing people, some of whom i'm best friends...
  4. Papercraft Ghosts: Arts and Crafts

    Halloween Crafts
    I came across this and I'm planning on creating some of them in my spare time this week. Once their finished I'll share them with everyone. I've always wanted to create something crafty that had to do with ghosts. I'm also planning on creating a Halloween card to my boyfriend. :) Here's the...
  5. Help: I need outside decorating ideas/tips for beginniners!

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone, I know that most of you guys are like experts but me and my family are noobs. We really want to decorate the outside of our house for October but we're not very crafty. Any ideas/tips for beginners? It doesn't have to knock anyone's socks off because we'd be the only house...
  6. Ragdoll Patterns

    Is there anybody by chance who has knowledge or are will to share tips and hints on How to make a Ragdoll? Im about to set out and make some. Im wanting to start with fabric, but make a long skinny doll. Anywhere from 18"-21" with a round head and perhaps paint on face. Im initially...