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  1. Hello from Brooklyn

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I finally bit the bullet and joined up. It just seemed like anything I ever wanted to look at on pinterest was linked back to here. So why not go to the direct source ,right? Glad to be here and learn as much as I can about crafting and decorations. My husband and I just moved into...
  2. Unique Halloween Decorations

    For Sale By Merchants
    Classic Monster items and Halloween Crafts... https://www.etsy.com/shop/HOLIDAYODDITIES?ref=hdr_shop_menu&order=price_desc
  3. Easy magnet DIY

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Cheap wood crafts, awesome designs from Michael's crafts Add magnets with hot glue. I bought my magnet roll from hobby lobby, I'm sure you can get some from Michaels as well Bam! Cool magnets
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas Crafts

    Halloween Crafts
    candy dishes I made in my bored time.
  5. Hello, new here.

    Member Introduction
    I am Kristi V. I am an acrylic artist who delves into crafts and props as well. Look forward to getting to know everyone.
  6. Painting Hello, new here. Showing some current projects I am working on.

    Halloween Crafts
    My name is Kristi V. I am an acrylic painter and love crafts. Experimenting with paper mache. Learning a lot from posts here.
  7. Stumbled onto a gem

    Member Introduction
    Hey all just found the website and It's my new favorite site , cause from what I have been seeing this forum has some crazy talented artists. Thank you for the inspiration your creations have given me. I am in the process of making several diy haunt props and decorations with my amazing 10 year...
  8. Big lot of Halloween Paper products and more $10 + shipping

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This is all stuff I have bought over the years and never ended up using. 1 New package Halloween Stationary 25 sheets original price $1.99 200+ foam stickers, (jack o lanterns, moons, ghosts, cauldrons, etc) New package of confetti (bats, jack o lanterns and ghosts) bats are foil, the...
  9. There are not enough Halloweens in one year!

    Member Introduction
    My name is Bill I live in Toronto ontario and i will be posting some of my crafts here soon. Love this forum!:mad:
  10. Doll

    Halloween Crafts
    not sure if i'm posting in right place for art ..didn't know if here or in crafts so we'll just start here..This is called 'Murmur' ..bout 15 inches tall..hangs on wall
  11. Pictures of my crafts

    For Sale By Merchants
    I thought I'd share some pictures of my crafts. Hope it is okay. Peace Symbol Dreamcatcher Blue Teardrop Dreamcatcher Leather Hair Wraps Dreamcatcher Earrings Leather Charm Bracelet Dreamcatcher Bookmark Four Hoop Dreamcatcher Dropped Web Dreamcatcher Feather Earrings
  12. Other halloween pinterest crafts

    Halloween Crafts
    pinterest is really good for halloween crafts
  13. Other: Tombstones:D

    Halloween Props
    Hello, Please give me your opinion on the foams you use for crafting your tombstones, I plan on using great stuff expanding foam so I can fully customize my own tombstone, I don't know if you guys have a better preference but if you do comment and tell me why please:) Thank you and happy haunting!
  14. Hello and Thank you for the membership

    Member Introduction
    Hi my name is Gin I love Samhain (Halloween) it is the Pagan New Year so it has extra special meaning for me. I look forward to reading more posts I love the Grandfather Clock with the boxes and dollar store items which is how I found your site. So thank y'all again!! I am looking forward to...
  15. Other Nyxs Bootique Crafts!

    Halloween Crafts
    So I'm finally putting out some of the crafts I'm doing for Halloween! I have a page on Facebook to get these: Bootique Check em out!
  16. Need help finding a website that was posted here before

    General Halloween
    Does anyone remember seeing a post about a website that had every graphic you could want? It was a free resource that had animals, botanicals, human body details. I think it was originally posted in the crafts thread, but I cannot find it. If you know what I am talking about and have the...
  17. Free Halloween knitting patterns

    General Halloween
    Hi, here's a link to loads of free halloween themed knitting patterns. Enjoy! Free Halloween knitting patterns Alison
  18. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, LoOking forward to joining the forum. I collect free knitting patterns for Halloween themes. Alison.
  19. Prop Showcase: Demented Doll / childrens room HELP!

    Halloween Props
    Any good prop/decoration ideas for a demented haunted doll/childrens room??
  20. Other: Prop/Decor Ideas! HELP

    Halloween Props
    I have tons of long plastic Pool Vaccuum Hoses and I'm sure they could be used as/for something, I just don't know what? I have a huge halloween/haunted house walk through party every year, Looking for good creative ideas. I'll post pics upon request if needed so you can see what I'm talking...