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  1. Halloween Props
    I needed something quick and very cheap..the boxes were used...my sister had dolls sent to her in them, (but any boxes should work) I had a styrafoam cooler that I cut up...lots of gorilla glue, then duck tape..my monster mud was way to thick so I used a putty knife like stucco (I like the way...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello! So yesterday, I made a trip to Ikea, and I found this big mirror for only ten dollars. I'm wanting to crack it up a little bit and then cover it with fake blood. Problem is, I've never cracked a mirror. How would you go about doing that without completely shattering it?
  3. Halloween Props
    Inspiration taken locally from this forum, as well as from the cemetery down the road. :) I should add a narrative and music and make a tutorial I guess...
1-3 of 3 Results