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  1. Prop Showcase: Beef Netting-Tips and Tricks & How much do I need?

    Halloween Props
    People have asked how far beef netting goes. Here's my experience: Slit tube on one side so you're working with a flat layer The bigger the holes, the larger area it covers (and better it looks) It's easier to cut when stretched very tight and cut with sharp scissors (not Xacto knife) Better to...
  2. Halloween Haunts & Terror Tales Volume I

    For Sale By Merchants
    :cool::cool::cool:TERROR FROM TORONTO TO TUSCON:cool::cool::cool: https://jcgreening.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-haunts-terror-tales-volume-i-trick-r-treating-for-children Do you remember those old 80's Halloween cassette tapes that you used to put into your home stereo and crank up through...
  3. body paint

    i'm thinking of doing a demon finn balor costume this year, but i don't have much experience with face and body paint. (he's a wwe wrestler...see below.) does anyone have suggestions for a particular type that isn't terribly expensive and covers well?
  4. What's the first decoration you put up?

    General Halloween
    Some of you have decorations up year round, but if you're like me and you prefer to make it a seasonal thing, what do you bring out first and when? I just got some new black bedsheets and pillow covers and my bed was screaming for my Halloween pillows, so I had to get them out. I also got some...
  5. Halloween Costumes 2016

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So we decided last year right after Halloween that we were going to be Lock, Shock and Barrel for Halloween this year. Here is a picture of my daughters Barrel costume so far. She still needs a mask, gloves and covers for her shoes. McBernes still needs his mask, tail and shoe covers and I need...
  6. Passionate about Paper Plates, Napkins, Table Covers? Collecting/Decorating

    General Halloween
    Am wondering if anyone else is addicted to collecting and decorating with paper plates/napkins/table covers? How much time goes into seeking the "right" pattern for your party? Does it really matter to you? I love (and collect) the vintage paper items but I look forward every year to seeing...
  7. Static: Free Tombstones out of hot tub covers

    Halloween Props
    I have found a great way to make tombstones..big tombstones...old hot tub covers....many places that sell hot tubs also have old covers they are glad to be rid of for free..make sure you get the solid covers..and not the soft foam covers..you can tell the difference by squeezing them..the covers...
  8. Lighting: Gel Covers for Lighting

    Halloween Props
    I just recently read on the forum about gel covers for outdoor lighting. Can these also be used for indoor recessed lights? I have 12 inside lights and while I have some colored bulbs I would need to get more. I think maybe these gel covers could be a cheaper alternative and storage would be...
  9. CVS: get your flu shot, get 20% off!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Just putting this out there and no idea how long the promo will last, but we scooped up a creepy talking clown figure after getting our shots! :D I will never miss getting my flu shot, so this was a nice bonus for something I was going to do anyway (and most insurance covers flu shots 100% so...
  10. TIKI HEAD Light covers /Strings ( 15 covers $8 plus ship)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $8.00 plus shipping of 3-4 lbs from 17313. If you are local, pick up can be arranged. If you want to save weight I will pull the covers off the lights and not send the light strings Had these on ebay and got no bites. Also open to decent offers. PayPay preferred ( I will invoice) but will hold...