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  1. Halloween Props
    We finally got our sh... uhh... act together, and decided on this new effect we will be debuting at Pirate's Cove 2016.. singing pumpkins. While not a new effect, it's new to US! Here's a sneak peek!
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! Happy to join the forum, had no idea there were others like me who love Halloween year round and always looking for new decor! I've really ramped it up in the last 2 years since we've bought a house. Here is how our out cove looked last year! Looking forward to all the...
  3. Halloween Props
    We thought you might like a short walk through of our 2015 edition of Pirate's Cove, complete with new prop... our Rum Chuggin' Grave Digger.
  4. Halloween Props
    Yaaarrr!!!!! We finally got our video together of the latest instalment of our garage haunt Pirate's Cove. We had a great turnout this year, roughly 180 kids, which completely shattered our previous record of 120! No doubt being on a Friday, and the weather cooperated, but of course we like to...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey gang! We finally came up with a decent looking rain effect for Pirate's Cove! Take a look!
1-5 of 5 Results